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i would love to romance neri...

Adorable and cute. Reminds me of a Webtoon trend in the best way possible! <3

 5/5 stars, only wish it was longer! :)

So delightful! Please write more. The art is amazing.

Found this game on an collection and downloaded. Blew any expectations I had out of the water! Love it, can't wait for the full game

Can you turn off the volume anywhere?

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Loved this game, beautiful music and art style. Very wholesome. Maybe a little too sweet for me, (but that's just personal taste)  but AMAZING  job!!!

l just played  through without the DLC, but will buy when I have money. If they could come in one big DLC group once the wedding DLC comes out, that would be really cool. (not changing the price, just for one download). 

Got ending four. Couldn't bring myself to replay. It was cute and perfect! :)

hilarious and wonderful :D

I love it! Please make more for this series? Beautiful art, and great story

It's adorable and I love <3

Keep making games, I'll keep playing all of them

Bro, this is friggin cool! good job, great art. Wish it was longer, though! I want more!!

Its a very cool art style that seems period appropriate. I thought it was a clever idea :D Keep it up, I'll be looking out for your next game. 

I don't see a 'done' button, it would be really cool if you could help. I like y'all's art style a lot though, good job on what I can access right now. Xoxo.

This game was lovely, and your writing was the star of the show. I hope you continue to make stories, in games or otherwise. 

This was a short but cute game. I hope you continue to make more, your style is lovely!

This was amazing, depressing and trippy all at the same time. Well done!! It was a shocking ending. Great music and pixel art! Keep it up!

The premise was super fun, and what we could do was great! We had a bit of trouble talking to Sarah, it glitched. Keep it up! I know this is a bit late, but I support you!

I got all of the endings, I think. Thanks for making this <3  It would be cool if there was a trophy or gallery system to track if you've gotten all of the endings. I liked the diversity but it was a bit dark. 

I really liked this game. From what I know, both Sugar and Kale seem to be on the autism spectrum, which I appreciated. I noticed Kale, especially, with his difficulty in communicating with eye contact/slow response time, lower intelligence/ability than his alien family, and putting his arms over their head when he is happy.

I also really appreciate your story structure and message. I'm not at the greatest place in my life, but your characters reminding me that everyone is unique and special, that in particular my existing is a good thing is some of the positivity that I really appreciate. 

I'm glad :) 

I'm trying hard to comment on games that I like. I know it's hard to create content, and I want to encourage people I like <3

It was a really cool game! Your writing of descriptions was compelling, and I really would like to see more :D

That was really fun, the parody is hilarious. Got all four endings, too.

This game is really cool. I liked that the endings were different, and I mean really different, than I expected. I really like your art style, and I hope you keep on making more games together. 

sent self to heaven

10/10 fantasy game