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cute! i managed to miss the fact that you can walk through the crowd after helping bro which stumped me for a while, but this was fun!

some say they're still practicing their mating rituals to this day,,

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found from the palestine relief bundle. got 17/20, gave me a fun challenge - the only puzzle i couldn't do was the comic sans one @ level 16, i have no idea what that shape represents lol. cool concept!

(edit: oh and the last two secrets i also missed)

If you spam jump against the edge of the door frame, you can climb up out of bounds and run into the end room. Beat it in 0:12, 0 tries. GG

Is there any set theme for the jam? Or are we allowed to create whatever we want?

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Since the game is not yet completed, bugs are still roaming free and features feel few and far between. If you have any bugs that need fixing or features that should be included in the final build, post them here and I'll consider them for a future update!

[#1] Enemies "ping" you off of walls {Unresolved}
[#2] Enemies sometimes scrape through walls {Unresolved}
[#3] Tree enemy not animating {Unresolved}
[#4] Final level doesn't exist. {Unresolved}
[#5] No boss for Desert, causing it to be incompletable. {Unresolved}
[#6] Rooms with Shooters can hit you almost immediately - unavoidable damage. {Resolved for next update}
[#7] Unpolished title screen {Unresolved}
[#8] Ammo boxes sometimes give non-existent ammo types {Unresolved}
[#9] Final level shows E icon without being able to access level {Unresolved}
[#10] Chaser boss sometimes invisible - tired animation? {Unresolved}
[#11] Bats on wrong layer, causing bombs to spawn above them {Resolved for next update}