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I raised the TP to 100 just to see the wrestler move... ahahahahah

We have to post a game with the cutscene? Or a video with the cutscene?

Great quality! This give some chance for indie devs to make something beautiful!

Thanks for sharing!

yeah! me too!

Hi! The sounds of this package can be used for another game engine(Rpg Maker)?

Hi! I know SrdDude compressor, but not work in mobile.
Your plugin can work in mobile devices?


Is there a way that I can hear a little bit, like a demo of the songs?

Because I try to download the demo file but tells me that I need a key. So I cant have a sample for me to test the quality and style of the songs.

I will appreciate that.

Hi there! Wanna know if i can use your art to make a logo?

Hello, Ung Hoang Phi Dang!

The first impression of the game was incredible. I really liked the graphics and dialogs from the beginning. The soundtrack was also very enjoyable.
However I thought some things were not clear. Like, for example, after I got the bike, I had no idea that the cops would call me to battle. I also have no idea how to get off the bike.
Another thing that disappointed me was the tactical style of battle. I thought there was nothing to do with the game itself. The style of battle and the style of play, in my opinion, are incompatible.
But I still think a lot of cool things can come out!

Hello, Ville Kelloniemi!

I started playing the game. I love these survival themes! Early on I really liked the maps and how the introduction was made.
I understand that this style of play we have to explore, but still some things are not so clear on how we should proceed.
After finding that temple, I found some coins and a cave where I should have a vine to get into it. However I walked 30 more minutes and could not find what to do.
Another thing, for those who do not know the rpg maker, will have no idea what buttons to use. It would be good to put some callsigns.
On the plus side, I liked the game humor!

Hello Stark! Congratulations on your game!
Below I will give you feedback on my first impressions.
- Some texts are not appearing correctly in the message box.
- I liked the graphic and the music very much, though I thought the sprite of the map and the battle was a little disheveled.
- The menu is also very beautiful! I love it!
- In the save screen, 3 sprites of the little girl appeared when I saved.
- After I interacted with the crystal and got to that part where the graph changes, I could not get out of there. I do not know how to do. So I stopped there.
I think you have a lot of potential here! keep up the good work!

Hi aloe!! Great game man! I have a lot of fun playing with my brothers!
Love Naval Battle!!

ok! I will try again later!

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Hi there! I played it on mobile. Performance looks good! Althought is not the best to play with touch.

I got stucked after i defeat the first zombie. Im front of a house. In the left theres a girl layed down. In the right where the zombie are there other girl layed down. I trie open doors etc but nothing changes. Maybe the a button to press only in the pc?

Hey there!! AMAZING!! I just found it now! And i almost making edits myself xDLucky i found that!
Can i use for commercial projects?


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Hi there! How or when i can choose the prize? I can talk to you from here, or i can send you a e-mail?

Hello! Will the prizes be delivered via Steam or delivered via keys through the original site of the product? As for example the VX ace fantasy.

Sorry! I did not see this camp. The link had the option "DRAFT" instead of public.

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I thought I should finish the game and post before time runs out. Was not it? Before the time ended I posted the click on the submit and uploaded it. How do I proceed now?

But for me the game still here, the link is on. 

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Hello! I just uploaded my game. But I can not find it. The name is Hero By Destinys. This is normal? For now only Jam Host can access? Is it something like that?

[EDIT] Nevermind, i found it.

The date and hour that was showing to me "2018-10-25- 17:00:00 hrs" this is my deadline? I'am from Brazil-Rio de Janeiro


Sorry for flooding the topics. But i do not understando much of english. So i have a question...

Does this topic title mean that at the very least I should upload my game on October 2 and October 25 at most?
I would like to know the exact day that the deadline for upload the game.


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Can i resize or cut images to make like a zoom? Or use like pictures in the game?

I saw in the instructions that the theme has already been released: "unexpected hero".

So the game jam has officially started? If not, what is the start and end dates?

Hello. What mean this PG13?

Another question, can i use edited graphics of rtp? Like recolors, or combine two tilesets for example.