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This seems cool, and aside from the camera shimmying around so abruptly on different planes on surfaces, the only real problem is the lack of mouse sensativity absolutely ruining what I'd imagine is an otherwise fun experience. I've got it set to max+ added dpi from custom mouse settings, and the sensitivity is still abysmal. I want to like this-- but the mouse support is severely lacking!

Beautifully composed scenes with such a limited toolbox. The format, music, phrasing and differentiation of voice between albeit short-lived characters gives a strong sense of being dropped into a world that's lived and died plenty without you, and will continue to do so. The hints of unfinished business, and the subtle allegorical natures of the healthy and not so healthy relationships depicted are really interesting in a perfectly ambiguous way, and bring a lot of life to our tiny mysteriously shaped player-character.

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Just wanted some clarification: Some of the screens prevent me from leaving, and force me to restart the game to explore some more. Is this an intended artistic choice? (I'm taking it as one rn, and I like it! Just curious.)

You never changed it.

I need more, or at least to know more, know the artist a bit anyway! Have you got any social media you'd be willing to post/send my way? I'm at @raitheart in most places!