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Great idea. Really cool to see other games made using Godot. I'll be sure to play and rate every game here.

Here is our Godot project, Moondrop:

This was my first time doing a full project using the engine. Absolutely love it!

I loved it. Very clean aesthetic, clever design, good level of challenge and it didn't overstay its welcome. It would be cool to see a more developed release post jam. Well done!

This is a well executed and interesting take on the theme. Feels quite balanced too! I always seemed to be getting powerups just as I needed them and never once felt the game was "cheating me". Got quite addicted to this I will admit. Great job :)

Thanks! I'm tinkering with it now, hopefully I can squeeze some decent performance out of it :)

Thanks for your feedback. So nice to hear it was received well :)

Loved it! Very charming cat theme, which kept me well entertained despite the long travel distances. I think your idea of the emails being read out would have been really nice, though some kind of side activity or something cool to look at would have done the same trick. Great soundtrack too, had me bopping my head to it :)

Thankyou for the kind words! Good to hear you managed to get over the initial learning hump and make it a decent way down :)

The lights were an early feature that I was proud of so glad you liked them too! There were bigger plans for them that didn't make it into the final submission unfortunately but maybe in a future build...

Cool game! I found it quite difficult to control though. I second the onscreen controls as an option for those who dont want to swing their phone wildly about. Quite an interesting idea though, I'd be interested to see it more developed.

Thank you so much for playing. Glad you enjoyed it and liked the graphics! They were fun to make and I learned so much in the process. 

I hear you on the difficulty curve. While it is intentionally high, we definitely made it too high too early, well before the player gets a chance to learn the ropes in a safe environment.

Thanks for leaving feedback, I'll be sure to check out your game soon.

Thanks! We are so happy you enjoyed it. I think the core loop has something good going on, though there are number of tweaks I would want to make to the controls so that they're more responsive and expressive. Also that difficulty curve could be eased up a fair bit :)

Super cool concept, loved jumping from planet to planet. Nice music too! As has been mentioned the camera felt off to me. Maybe if it was more zoomed out it would work better? Also enemies were quite difficult to find. I found the dash to be mostly useless as it used too much of the blue bar while I had no reason not to sprint around everywhere. Overall pretty cool, I could see this being developed further into something really awesome.

Had a ton of fun with this one but boy was it hard. Obvious Meatboy and VVVVVV comparisons but it felt like a unique spin so good job. Love the art, it's minimal and functional but it looks great which is a solid achievement. I did think that the weight of the character could have used some finessing, sometimes it felt like a barrier to what I wanted to do. Overall this is a really great entry.

Really cool concept and nice combination of platformer and rocket gameplay. The rocket wasn't very intuitive to control and quite unforgiving but I got the hang of it after a few tries. The art, lighting and FX work is really solid though to me it feels a little inconsistent in style. Some of the sound effects do get a bit on the repetitive side but not a deal breaker. Overall I enjoyed it and it's clear you put quite a bit of work into this so good job!

As has been said the browser performance wasn't so great which dampened the experience for me but hey at least you had a web build!

Thanks for checking out Moondrop! Glad you enjoyed it. It was great to watch you wrangle the difficult controls. Very insightful too. There are a lot of issues with the game that I wish we had more time to address but super happy we got it done on time regardless.

Thank you so much for playing our game!

I agree a tutorial would have been a big help but typically we ran out of time! In hindsight we definitely should have made a web build but we were worried performance might be a issue. It seems web games get played a lot more though so next time for sure!

Great to see and play everyone's games so far. Here is our submission:

Thanks for doing this! Got time try our infinite diver, Moondrop? I'll check out yours as well

Hope you enjoy our first jam game, Moondrop. We would be so grateful for the feedback. I'll play and rate yours too!

Here is our game Moondrop. It was our first game jam so would appreciate the feedback. I'll play and rate yours too!

Congrats to you too! If you catch a moment would you be able to look at our infinite diver, Moondrop?  I will check yours too when I play more games this evening

We would love it if your could check out Moondrop, our infinite diver game. It's our first game but brutal feedback welcomed. I offer the same in kind >:)

Thanks! We would really appreciate your feedback! I'll make sure to check out your game too.

Could you squeeze in some feedback for our infinite diver, Moondrop:

Hey think you could check out ours? It's our first jam so it's a buggy mess but we had a blast making it. Learnt so much!