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Allina Kendrick

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well, she musta been hot, that’s a joke- don’t get all (“ew, or that weird”) junk on me.

good idea

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Or maybe the point stands as a “Game” not political party debate. But just try and keep your personal stuff aside… did you have fun playing the game as I did? Good, if so then just be happy with the game. Keep reality and games separate.

I love this game… so much! LGBTQ COMMUNITY SISTER! But why do the Mom gotta sound like a Karen? Her voicemails literally sound like she’s asking for the Manager, and accidentally called me instead… just saying… I love this game. (Let’s go lesbians! Come on, Lesbians lets go!) - Video clip got stuck in my head from Youtube

Thank you!

Is this game for viewers under 18? I want to play this game on one of my Youtube Videos, and it looks artistically wonderful but is it appropriate for under-age viewers that watch my videos?

If you have ever seen Regular Show, you would understand that Pops states that alot…just fancied adding that in…srry. Beautiful art by the way! If you need help with any games I could help. If you’d like, I am majored in Art! - SHOUTOUT TO the UNIVERSITY OF OXFORD!!!

Well done, Jolly good show!