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This is really coming along! I think the world and dungeons definitely seems proc-gen rather than the hand crafted, interconnected worlds of classic zeldas and the enemy variety is small right now (i know, it's still very early on!), but it feels right to control. Everything has the right weight and speed to it. Can't wait to see more.

Great, fun, addictive gameplay. I found myself pressing WASD faster and faster as my air ran lower. Visuals are great and the little worms that congregate around air are a nice touch. I could see this becoming a bigger game post-jam with upgrades and collectibles.

Sweet Dreams has great music and visuals, transporting the player to a few different dreamlike levels. However, the main character's floaty jumping and camera add unnecessary difficulty. Moving the camera forward a bit would help see oncoming enemies and refining the jump would help with unintentional deaths. Overall though, fantastic little submission!

Thanks again for the video! I saw you had 100s of indie requests on twitter so I'm glad The Caves of Midas got some attention before being lost in the deluge haha