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A member registered Dec 19, 2016

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Not a problem! remembering my youth when I was testing MMO's.

Yes forgot to mention sometimes rotating floor to makes it possible/impossible to place yet it rarely matters. And my tehnique worked great floor 3rd - 6th but on 7th for some reason its not working anymore as i place pillar and from 3x3 area I cannot place even 1 floor title so now old tehnique place pillars near missing titles till it allows u to place floor title :(

Great news! I found the reason of unplacable floor glich and how to bypass it. So as you can see in this picture I have the unplacable floor title bug http://prnt.sc/dncssv
, and as you can see behind hammer there is another pillar in total on same floor I had 6 pillars placed and had like 5 unplacable floor titles all over the floor, yet after I destroyed all those pillars and put the pillar in same place but only 1 pillar whoala http://prnt.sc/dnctfd

no problems to place floor title.

So for devs issue is pillars have some sort of odd collisions that makes unplacable floor title glitch the more pillars on same floor the more unplaceble floor title spots.

So bypassing this glitch is super simple place only 1 pilar put on ALL flooring needed in 3x3 area and only THEN you place next pillar on same floor put the flooring again etc. and you will never be in situation with unplacable flooring!

Your all wellcome as now you can build as high as you want without any anoying holes in floor!

P.S if you will break the floor title for whatever reason and there is already multiple pillars on same floor flooring glitch will be on so you might not be able to place back floor title again without demolitioning whole floor.

P.S.S I hope devs will fix this issue asap anyway!

So here are some bug repports you can place palm over prety much everything, so to make it look nicer I put 4 potato boxes and put palm over it http://prnt.sc/dlmpf2 http://prnt.sc/dlmq0a
Next bug was whierd non placable titles near pillars if you go higer than 3rd floor http://prnt.sc/dlmqty

And last interesting bug was that you can collect potato from potato growth box at insane distance! I made base 7 floor high and was able to collect from potato box on 1st floor.

So after 2 Hours of playing this game I came back to leave a review.

  1. For those who tend not to understand how to turn walls and other placable objects press "r"! You are wellcome!
  2. Game is interesting sandbox on ocean but is not a survival game! becouse of the fact that even if u will just put 1 water fillter, 1 cooker and make 1 spear to kill shark you will be able to survive with ease as shark gives 6 meat. Or 1 water fillter, 1 potato box and 1 cooker as potatos grow in redicilous speed. Or 2 palm growing platforms witch will give you 4 coconts each and it is more than enough to survive till they regrow. So with all this what I want to say is reduce how much you get from food so ppl would actually feel like they need to survive and think how not starve to death.
  3. Add save as game got great design and ppl would love to build something epic yet the lack of save wont let them to do it as noone will want to spend 4 hours farming/building to lose all the progress once you leave!
  4. Make the game more difficult or add difficulties lvls where at hardcore you rarely see floating debris to collect and like every 20-30 mins there is +1 shark that want tear appart your base up to 10 sharks. As for now after 1 hour I already had so big base I could totally ignore the shark and just rebuild after rare attacks from her.
  5. Storage system a must have!
  6. I really hope game is gone get in underwater world as well to colect some seaweeds for manure lets say some shells, rocks or dirt to build growth boxes etc.

Overall great start for this game looking forward to see full game!