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Raguth Wolf

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Fun little game with a lot of potential, some mechanics are fun and hope to try them ironed out post-jam!

Surprisingly satisfying, definitely a better version of the old flash game imo. Nice job!

Very nice, tricky questions, better than some actual Jeopardy games I've seen

Cool game concept and fun 'lil game, would do good as a mobile game I think

Such high praise from the creator of the Legendary Franklin Trilogy, we are truly honored to get such feedback from the epic Black Frog Studios!

Very Ara Ara

Gameplay has a pretty satisfying core loop, some nice extra customization, simple yet very well implemented art, and good audio. Very nice!

The visuals were good, the audio was nice, theme was consistent and had some interesting approaches. The vertical lasers(going up and down through the walkways) had a bit of a hard to gauge hitbox after it finished it's sweep, and it was a bit hard to fight the monsters as you had to run from them, and turn to fire at a narrow hitbox. Walkways were also a bit overly long, which slowed pacing.

Cool idea, here's my take on it so far:

Pros: Neat Graphical Style, good Mechanics, not very buggy at all.

Cons: The 'Next level' moving is painfully slow, and the load/unloading of dirt should move a little faster.

Musically, mixed feelings. Like the general style of what you were doing, but the 'digu digu' should maybe on some actual instrument. Other than that, very nice prototype!

Colliders are a bit weird/holes pop up too fast to respond around 60s, but otherwise a good fun game. Graphics do what they need to, intro scene is nice the first few times.

Hey, can I submit this to as a requested game? I'm kinda enjoying speedrunning this.

Neat concept, the digging was interesting once you learned what punch did. The buy/sell ratios for cheap goods should be altered a bit so it's not as long of a grind for so little income, in my opinion. I liked how it seemed very homedrawn, and music/sound effects fit the game.

Time: 13.7
Deaths: 129
Noticed deaths don't reset on restart, which is the only real bug I think I've found during my play through.

Like the use of death counter, timer, and that thicker terrain you can't teleport through. I'd recommend maybe making the level 3 jump a bit easier, or maybe giving players more portals on lower difficulties if you ever make this into a release. I really enjoyed the last 2 levels, portals felt pretty smooth throughout.

How do you play? You cannot jump over the first obstacle from what I've seen, or go around.

The instructions would've made things smoother, but after a bit I figured it out.

Basic Guide: Buildings only build when you have an idle unit, and it places on top of said idle unit.

Yellow/Pink units make babies, and only when the happiness pixels are showing.

Overall fun basis, would like to see it expand into something bigger in the future. :D