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How do you make this game go fullscreen?

These looks great. I am currently enjoying Sky Rogue and Invisigun Heroes!

Created a new topic Excellent work!

Really enjoying this game. 

Hey - What is the actual price of this game right now?

Linux version not found via the itch.io app.

Yeah I'm on Ubuntu Mate. I have a few rigs on Fedora and others non-Ubuntu distros. I can test it on them. The error only occurs in Full-screen mode, btw. I've been playing it in windowed mode since.

No need for apologizes. The game is still solid.

Seems like the ingame portraits during battle are messed up - You can see the entire image and it goes outside of the cirle where their health bar is - 

Created a new topic Game Icon?

Where can I find a game icon to make shortcuts with?

Created a new topic Question?

Is this linear or metrovania-like? I'm hoping linear!!!

Dude it works. All of my achievements are there!

Ubuntu Mate 16.04 64 Bit.

Achievements are not saving after you exit the game.

Nice little game :) I got all of the Koalas!

What did you use to make it?

Excellent work!

itch.io community » itch.io · Created a new topic Gamepad details?

Loving itch.io as a Linux gamer this is adding even more games to my growing library (and backlog). A lot of sites and services do no offer what I am going to suggest but I hope that itch.io would be the first.

I use STEAM, GOG, Humble Bundle, Bundle Stars, GameJolt, Yoyo Games and others.

All of these inform users that their games have gamepad support.

I've been looking for some more details - not in terms of which brand of gamepads are supported but what button layout does the game support.

Something like

2 button gamepads - directional + 2 action buttons

3 buttons gamepads - directional + 3 action buttons

so forth

6 button gamepads - directional + 6 buttons

twinstick gamepads - with x buttons needed

and more.

Hey - I can see how that would suck on your end. Maybe an indepth (how you edit) vid trailer with gameplay? Going to pick it up now. Cheers!

Looks good. Is there a demo available?