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Thanks for adding this here. I know you're not part of the dev team but will this version auto update when their latest version get released?

Excellent game! 

Email sent.

Looks like the game is crashing a ton after the 2nd match. I attempted to send feedback but github is not loading it up.

segsev kill seems to be the result.

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You did great, man! The tournament ran great but the devices we used for images did not come out so well.

We play 'MegaByte Punch' and 'Battle High 2 A+' and 'Skullgirls' but our flash and lighting got jacked up. We are running a few more this Friday and hopefully our camera issue will be resolved.

Hey - I would remove them. It's your baby but that's my 2cents. I think the 2D backgrounds do a better job of getting you in the groove of the fight. Maybe work on the 2D and add some condition changes based on who wins combat a la KOF.

As for the portraits maybe cutting specific art circle that are the size of the health bar face for those screens would remedy it?

I am running a retro tourny tomorrow @ one of my kid's schools. She is bringing this game on her Linux laptop to play on the big screen with her classmates. Thought you should know.

Hey - Any update on addressing this? Also the 2D stages look better than the 3D stages.


Hey - I hear you. I am on vacation so just post up when you can about the fixes. If you need a Linux tester, let me know and I will help out. Cheers and Happy New Year.

Groovy. I used the console to kill the characters and held Y down to auto-spawn into the dungeon.

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New games are bugged - Elevator does not go all the way down.

Recent bug! I have over the amount of the souls needed to get the perks from a demon but the game is not behaving - Check out the soul count!

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 - 64 Bit - The game works excellently with Logitech F310 Wired and Steam Controllers using SC-Controller. It's been awhile since I've played games like Hook'em Up where you only move via the hook. With the gamepad I am very slow but with the KB + Mouse I can manuever much better but I think that's more due to me being and older gamer. I highly reccomend ppl check this couch game.

Groovy! Email sent!

Compressed files are fine.

This looks good - Questions - Does this game work with Logitech F310 Wired controllers? Also what game making engine was this built on?

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 - Does work with Logitech F310 Gamepad Wired :(

This game is a lot of fun and runs excellently on Linux with full gamepad support.

I am in love with it!

Awesome game! Have not tried out the Local Co-op yet but I will be trying it soon.

Another note - When changing the game to fullscreen - that option does not save when you exit the game. I have to enable fullscreen everytime I run the game.

Hey - I picked up the game. It's not working with any of my regular gamepads or my namebrand ones from Logitech. I would like to help you patch this so that it works with any and all gamepads. I have over 400+ Linux games with gamepad support, I can help ya figure this out. None of my game pads are for consoles, though.

Hey - I already got the refund but I will pick the game up again if the issues are knocked out. Let me know if you need a hand with solving the issue.

Hey - Yes all of the libraries are installed. Logitech F310 works for all of my other games (800+ controller based games). I will pick up Botvice and get back to you.

I had picked up Super Star Path and it did not work with any of my generic gamepads or my Logitech F310. Is this game using the same stuff that SSP used?

Hey will this game work with Logitech F310 gamepads on Linux?

Do the devs need LINUX testers? I've picked up a few games where the games do not work @ all and I've had to get a refund. I would like to help but sometimes the dev either do not respond or take too long to respond. Is there a place on here were devs are looking for testers or verifiers?

Also - Logitech F310 Wired are not working at all with this game.

Hey - I'm on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 LTS - This game is not working via of the script provided when using the itch.io app. The runner file works fine and the game plays as expected.

Those updates sound good. The workaround I've found is using AntiMicro to remap the keyboard keys to my pad but it would make the game harder to play for my HTPC setup. I'll look forward to the update.

This game looks great. I just tried the demo and I could not get the game to recognize my Logitech F310 Wire USB Gamepad. I'm on Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 LTS if that helps. Other than that the game works great. Once the gamepad is working 100% it's a solid purchase from me.

How do you make this game go fullscreen?

These looks great. I am currently enjoying Sky Rogue and Invisigun Heroes!

Created a new topic Excellent work!

Really enjoying this game. 

Hey - What is the actual price of this game right now?

Linux version not found via the itch.io app.

Yeah I'm on Ubuntu Mate. I have a few rigs on Fedora and others non-Ubuntu distros. I can test it on them. The error only occurs in Full-screen mode, btw. I've been playing it in windowed mode since.

No need for apologizes. The game is still solid.

Seems like the ingame portraits during battle are messed up - You can see the entire image and it goes outside of the cirle where their health bar is - 

Created a new topic Game Icon?

Where can I find a game icon to make shortcuts with?

Created a new topic Question?

Is this linear or metrovania-like? I'm hoping linear!!!