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Enjoy the good karma and coins coming your way!

I play with the following controllers

  • Logitech F310 Wired
  • Hori Mini-Fighting Sticks
  • Snakebyte SB01426 Basic Wired Controller (it's a PS3 knock off with vibrations)
  • Steam Controller

All 4 of these work without any need for a driver or setup.

Glad to hear the other controller issues you heard about was resolved.

Great job. Runs like a dream on Ubuntu Mate 18.04. I look forward to ending it.

18.04 of Ubuntu. I tried it on Ubuntu Mate and Lubuntu. It's all good.

Update - All crashes seem to be gone as of upgrading to 18.04.

I am enjoying this game a lot. Going to run a few rounds with friends later on today.

I am running this on Lubuntu 18.04 64 Bit.

  • CPU: Intel i5- 2500k 3.30 GHZ
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video Card: GeForce GTX 960 4 GB
  • Hard Drive: 4 x 1 TB SSD

The difficulty is frustratingly awesome. The pixel gore seems to be in the same spirit of games like Abuse and Brutal Doom. Two games that I've been enjoying for some time. Thanks for the demo. After a few play throughs, I knew this game was going to be added to my gaming library.


Long time Linux gamer. Full-time Linux Admin. Really loving what is doing. Exploring making my own game soon.

Added it to my wishlist.

The game is not install via the app on Linux. The game works via downloading the binary from the website.

Awww shit. My HTPC is loving it. Thanks!

Hey - How do I force to game to always been in full screen mode?


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F works for fullscreen but it locks it to 1280 by 720. When one exits the game it changes the desktop resolution to that setting also. You may want to set it so that it goes to desktop default. Also when in fullscreen - the mouse appears to be dead center of the screen. Many games do this but when you press a button gamepad it disappears. You may want to add that to your code.

The control pad work perfectly but I can not exit the game without using a keyboard. How do I go into full screen mode? I can maximize but there is no fullscreen option.

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Hi dude. My family and I are really feeling this game. We have two issues, though. We like to play these type of games in our living room on the giant screen via HTPC. Is there a way to have the controlpad control every aspect of the game without using a 3rd party programs like Antimicro (like joy2key for Linux) - also - is there away to make this game go fullscreen and have it stay that way?


Thanks for adding this here. I know you're not part of the dev team but will this version auto update when their latest version get released?

Excellent game! 

Email sent.

Looks like the game is crashing a ton after the 2nd match. I attempted to send feedback but github is not loading it up.

segsev kill seems to be the result.

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You did great, man! The tournament ran great but the devices we used for images did not come out so well.

We play 'MegaByte Punch' and 'Battle High 2 A+' and 'Skullgirls' but our flash and lighting got jacked up. We are running a few more this Friday and hopefully our camera issue will be resolved.

Hey - I would remove them. It's your baby but that's my 2cents. I think the 2D backgrounds do a better job of getting you in the groove of the fight. Maybe work on the 2D and add some condition changes based on who wins combat a la KOF.

As for the portraits maybe cutting specific art circle that are the size of the health bar face for those screens would remedy it?

I am running a retro tourny tomorrow @ one of my kid's schools. She is bringing this game on her Linux laptop to play on the big screen with her classmates. Thought you should know.

Hey - Any update on addressing this? Also the 2D stages look better than the 3D stages.


Hey - I hear you. I am on vacation so just post up when you can about the fixes. If you need a Linux tester, let me know and I will help out. Cheers and Happy New Year.

Groovy. I used the console to kill the characters and held Y down to auto-spawn into the dungeon.

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New games are bugged - Elevator does not go all the way down.

Recent bug! I have over the amount of the souls needed to get the perks from a demon but the game is not behaving - Check out the soul count!

Compressed files are fine.

Ubuntu Mate 16.04.3 - Does work with Logitech F310 Gamepad Wired :(

This game is a lot of fun and runs excellently on Linux with full gamepad support.

I am in love with it!

Awesome game! Have not tried out the Local Co-op yet but I will be trying it soon.

Another note - When changing the game to fullscreen - that option does not save when you exit the game. I have to enable fullscreen everytime I run the game.

Hey - I picked up the game. It's not working with any of my regular gamepads or my namebrand ones from Logitech. I would like to help you patch this so that it works with any and all gamepads. I have over 400+ Linux games with gamepad support, I can help ya figure this out. None of my game pads are for consoles, though.