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Yeah, rubr should've either made the reset button available outside of the menu or just written down on itch. I'm fixing now, but you just go to the pause menu and hit R, haha. Thanks for the review!

It's kind of sad you feel that way, as there are devs such as Managore that proved more than once we could push the boundaries of what is possible to do with platformers. All with jam games like WindowFrame, Birdsong and Roguelight. Not to mention, the professional devs out there that created hits with this genre such as FEZ and Braid. True, we have a flood of platformers that don't add anything new to the table, I myself am guilty of that. But a platformer is just a design mechanic that influences how you implement ideas, just like the engine or the programming language you use to make games. You just have to be experienced and know how to be inventive with it. Now let's make some great games!

This is a nice entry, although not that much variation on the gameplay, the artwork was nicely done with its simple flat style and basic shadows. Animations of the characters are very fluid. The homage and creativity is very clear with the subway level and I like how we actually transition to the next scene instead of just cutting while the train is moving. The music was good, I would go a little beyond the chip limitations to make it more present. To improve the game, I think I would add more juice to it, some screenshake to make the hits feel more powerful and overall some diversity of how enemies react to you and how the player deals with them. Solid game nonetheless! Good Luck!

The idea is pretty fun and inventive and the action controls get intuitive quite quickly. The controls were a little difficult to handle when we got the bad luck of having too many enemies shooting at us. The cooking crafting part was the most inventive and cool feature, it spices (pun intended) the game in a good way.

The idea was pretty neat, It took me a while to actually figure out I should rocket jump my way out of the room, but it was fun nonetheless. I ran away from the last enemy cause FPS is not my strong. The enemies were simple, but making more of them actually put a challenge and it was fun to freeze rockets before meeting them. I just missed some strict platforming sections to place rockets and such. Overall, fun game!

Thank you, thank you a lot, dude! The video's card thing was just a little joke cause it has no graphics, but... with little truth because of the several calls to draw shapes with different colors with Java xD I also really liked your game, I'm writing a comment right now. Good luck for us!

I really liked this game! Its colors are just dreamy and match the audio quite well. I wasted 3 hours trying to make my entry actually follow the audio like you did, but failed. I played through most of it and loved everything. Too bad I can only play on easy settings XD good luck on the jam!