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The game is pretty fun and nice and smooth.

The visuals are consistent and have a fun style to them.

The controls are as good as they need to be.

Overall it's a pretty fun game; especially if it was on mobile.

There's a prototype here, if you can add some comical things to give the game more fun and give it some more personality that'd be a huge improvement.

Also, making it so they character follows the mouse when the player's holding down the mouse button would make the game more fun to control; maybe even make them just follow the mouse motion; remove the button middle man.

It's an interesting slasher game that could definitely be something in the future.
The gameplay is fine but I did have some difficulties knowing when someone was killed, they would usually stand for a couple seconds before falling apart. Maybe a blood burst effect when you kill someone so the player knows they got a kill easily.
The movement could use some kind of effect as well to help the player track their character with their eyes. The character always went where I wanted them to go; but if often felt off because I would just teleport unless I right clicked.

If you can increase the visual fluidity of the game, increase the overall tempo and get players killing and reward them for killing combos; it'd be really fun!

Thanks! I'll make sure to relay the art comment to Crase!

Since it was one of my first times actually coding in Unity the unresponsiveness was likely due to me not really taking enough time tuning the controls enough. Especially with having so much reliance on click gestures. I was surprised that the general scheme wasn't completely horrible though. So far the jumping seems to be the worst part; might rethink how the player jumps to tune the game a bit. Maybe swiping up or something a bit easier that doesn't require button clicks so the player is only focusing on direction movement and swiping up.

The falling out of the world will definitely be fixed, I would like to also make a smoother respawn with a quick transition that gets the player back into the game faster and with less abruptness for sure. I would love to get parallax backgrounds to work as well.

Thanks for the feedback and hopefully in the future some fixes will come to the game!

Thanks! I'll make sure to relay the art comments to Crase!

Yeah unfortunately I was pushing to get a good amount of levels out and once I played them I found the little platforms especially to be a painful moment in the game. I should've taken into consideration that if I feel a bit pained then others will definitely feel it; but I was too tired to turn back and fix entire levels.
Truly thanks for the feedback, I don't think platformers were meant to be played with mouse only lol At least not ones were you also have to run left and right.

Thanks a ton! A lot of effort went into making the game! I'll relay the comments about the art to Crase!

This was a really fun game! Sure it's a clone of Hotline Miami; but YOU made it and it has it's own unique twist that makes it extra challenging.

The controls are nice and don't feel forced. The visuals are really nice, fitting; and clean. Audio sounds nice and doesn't hurt my ears and I didn't have to adjust my volume at any time. Everything sounded at the right volume.

Each level felt fun, challenging; and felt that it was designed well which is awesome!

It's a really nice entry and I enjoy to see future games from you!

The controls were nice and easy to use. The art is clean and fun. But, I wasn't able to do anything beyond the first area; not sure if that's it or not.

Keep jamming and it'll be cool to see something come out of it!

This game is really clean looking and I wasn't sure what it was going to be gameplay wise.

When I went to click on the red box I figured it'd start the game and then it'd be a puzzle game of some sort; I guess I wasn't completely wrong.

I felt mocked, I had fun; I felt compelled to tap the hell out of that box!

This game is simple, clean; and fun! With some Duck Hunt retro hunting nostalgia of course!

The movement of the scope is really nice, it feels like how an actual rifle would be aimed in a game way. (Full disclosure I've never actually hunted before). It's a nice, relaxing, hunting game but not at all peaceful for the birds being hunted.

The visuals are really clean! The audio is on spot and makes the game even more fun and well put together!

This was a cool narrative game!

The turn based survival-resource management strategy could be a really cool game. If you guys wanted to and explored the game further it become something really cool.

The graphics are really good and the interface is also really clean.

It's awesome to see some Godot users! That's the engine I primarily have been using.

It's a fun little game that reminds me somewhat of Binding of Isaac mixed with Spelunky. 

The controls are nice and never make me think "I died because the little dood didn't move the right way". Simple and refined.

The visuals are unique, a bit bizarre; and really awesome!

It would've been awesome to hear some tunes of sorts or some sounds.

Overall, I really enjoyed the game, I think it's a really neat prototype that with some time and polish can become something really cool!

It's a solid little game and I found it interesting. 

The descriptions of the seafood is arguably one of the most important parts of this game; and they're spot on! I never picked the wrong seafood because of them and they're a bit humorous at times as well (The shrimp looks good!)

I had fun and hope you continue to keep jamming and get better!

First impression, my computer tried telling me it wasn't worth the risk because your game might be a virus lol. Classic computer stuff.

This game is worth being bought. I would actually pay for this game.

It's really interesting, unique; and lots of fun with a challenging twist. Right when I thought "This is getting easy" I would make a mistake, but if you're fast enough you can fix most mistakes with a skill shot. The game is just really fun, cool, and it's different in a way that attracts the eye and mind and invites them to get lost in a fun little world for awhile.

I also love the art and the retro style of it; it actually reminded me of Shovel Knight in terms of perfect nostalgia.

The audio is on spot too! I didn't need to adjust my volume at any point, everything felt like it was played when it was needed and the volume it was needed to be played at.

I loved the title art and wasn't sure what to expect, a space shooter as a star? A planet smasher? 
Then I downloaded it and started playing and it's really interesting! I first thought "What do I even do?" then I clicked and was off. It took me like 2 seconds to figure out how to play, and within 3 jumps I had learned the mechanic of the jump cooldown mechanic which is really cool and makes the game more challenging and strategic.

So, at that point I figured it was an endless planet dodger game. Then I noticed little stars clinging to me and noticed there was more to the game! I was playing a star hunter! I had a good time with the game for a few.

It's something unique in a fun way and if this was a polished game up on the Google Play Store I'd be downloading it right away.

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The game is a decent little exploration game and it's pretty fun to dodge the enemies. The character doesn't seem to move very fast though and at unpredictable speeds that make it hard to form strategies to avoid the enemies to get keys. 

I had fun with it but the music wasn't ideal; it hurt my ears so I had to turn off my audio before continuing.

Keep jamming and improving dood!

It was just uploaded!

I really enjoyed the game!

It was definitely challenging, sometimes insanely challenging for me. I finished it in one sitting and would've played longer if there was more levels.

I think with some polish and more levels it could be really fun.

Thanks for the feedback!

I'm going to be updating the game further and adding Android support as well.

The select button to quit was a last resort effort to make the game quittable on controller. I'll be adding full menu support this week to remove that issue.

If you stick around I'll be tweaking the generator and giving the game some much needed updates by next weekend!

Thanks for the play! 

Yeah sadly I ended up with a day to make the game. So the generator suffered since I wasn't able to balance it. And the select button as quit was a meh effort of making it quittable on controller.

I will be fixing these issues this week! If you follow the game it'll have a polished update by next weekend.

This was a really relaxing and fun game! It says it's very unfinished, it's impressive you took on making a small simple sim game within the time limit. 

I hope you keep working on this project or something like this. If this was on mobile I could see a lot of people really enjoying it.

It's a fun little game! I enjoyed it until I hit the 3rd floor and I'm guessing that's where it ends. 

A little brief on how the game plays would've been nice; but I figured dogs that were barking weren't friendly. It was fun and has nice pixel art, it's overall an atmospheric game I wish had more levels.

The game is a really fun and simple jam stand game. I really enjoyed it, found myself getting lost in trying to maximize my profit so much that I didn't buy any birthday items the first time hahaha.

The audio and entire presentation is really nice and atmospheric. It's a really enjoyable game.

My only real critique on it is that the money has a nice little animation that has it go from current number to the new number for money. It's a little slow though so I constantly found myself remembering how much money I had before I started each purchase since it just would take too long to get to the current money amount during fast moments.

This is a really basic but really fun game!

The aesthetic is really cute and the effects are fantastic. The audio really matches the atmosphere as well. It's really fun!

The game was definitely hard, the platforming was incredibly hard. Mostly because the jumping felt like near zero gravity and it was hard to tell where I would land. And when I pressed control it would spaz out then send me back to the start of the game.

I'd like to see you keep working on it and improving!

This was an experience. It's definitely a game finished or not.

The voice acting was the best part and funny. Keep working on games and get better! It's a start and we all start somewhere! Keep grinding and don't give up.

It's a fun little game with a cute aesthetic. 

The gameplay was simple and worked for it, I wasn't too sure what the bottom meter was for a bit. But I figured it was probably the chicken feed amount I had. Then if I ran out it was a loss for me. The big thing that made it hard to keep playing was that I wasn't sure what I was playing for. After a few minutes having no shown score made it feel like I wasn't making any progress so I just stopped playing. 

Also the question mark on the title page I thought was a help guide but it didn't do anything when I clicked on it.

Hope your jam experience is awesome dood! I've done 4 jams now and it's exciting to see what comes out of it!

Sorry about that!
I did an oof and made the official download removed : (
Right now there should be a download link in the description; same version just doesn't crash on launch.

After the jam ends ends I'll get the official download section back up to working 

I really like the mechanics for your game, in real life I'm sociable but only because I learned to be (kinda, it's very questionable most days lol).

So, playing this reminds me of my everyday struggle talking to people in a reaction time based game. It's really fun and I think I'm going to keep playing it!

Also you added the Pixality part manually right? I saw it and it threw me off, I was like "How does the game know my username!? I didn't sign in or anything!". I wish I had my reaction recorded xD

I posted this in the Discord, but I want it to be public and forever! So other people stopping by know they should check it out!

It's a really interesting game! I like how the idea of the game is to balance your appetite to make it to the top easier.

Thoughts I had for it while playing:
- A score would have been nice, mostly for incentive . If each food item had a score it'd be tempting to eat them for that highscore.

- And if you died when you went higher and feel, kind of like an endless jumper game; it would've been more challenging.

- The jumping and moving feels slippery and the animations are little slow for the movement speed

I think for a jam it's a really cool game to mess around with in the future! And I think it could teach kids about eating right. If this was for mobile, a lot of kids play mobile games; and I think making a game that can aide the future generations to a brighter future would be amazing personally.

This was a decently fun game. It has a nice aesthetic that adds a dark atmosphere to it and the music is also well done. Mechanically it's good and a pretty fun game, it would have been interesting to see more unique gameplay for the theme. But this isn't bad at all.

I personally don't like the camera or level layout. Not sure which one it is exactly but I'm worried about moving forward in the game. If I walk too far in one direction will an enemy attack me? Will I fall? It's hard to see most things that hit you so it's difficult to move at an enjoyable pace at times. What adds to this is not having a health indication anywhere. I got hit several times but didn't know how much health I had or if I was just immortal. 

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Absolutely! Some great games (some are considered legends like Last of Us) came from game jams! 
Entering a jam does not revoke any ownership of your content. It's your content and whomever you work with if you work with anyone. 

Thanks dood! It means a lot!

It means a lot! I was quite nervous of how my first game jam would go. The difficulty was something I was iffy on shipping it with. I did leave it as rather long just because I was scared that if it wasn't hard enough or long enough it wouldn't be received well. A friend of mine also told me that the Sepuku skill was deceptive because he assumed it was an end all move. Which I am thinking of doing in the polished and expanded version.

If you feed it 15 times and unlock all the skills; that's the easiest way to win. But, I do feel like there is not a good enough sense of progression to warrant the player to care about going that far. 
Once again, thank you for the feedback! I can't wait for the next jam!

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I'm also a student so I understand, especially when class work catches up. It has a strong sense of direction and definitely has a lot of potential. It would be awesome to see you further work on it, and make the goal more clear. 
I'm not sure if you can edit it now. But, my first game jam was absolutely horrible. It was barely playable and got a ton of bad criticism; but it helped. And as developers all we can do is get better!