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really awesome game i cannot convey how much i enjoy this even though i messed up continuously. thanks for everything, i wanted to share my playthrough with you

thank you!! ill be playing your other games soon here :^)

20/10 for dance party alone. loved this game and looking forward to exploring your others! here's a playthrough i did, thanks!

hey i had a hella good time playing your game, just wanted to comment and share my playthrough. following and cant wait to try out other projects by yall!

i played your networking event simulator but the recording didnt work out, here's one of this game though!

loved it thoroughly, took me back in time. thanks!

had a hell of a good time playing your game, many thanks!

heres a video i made playing it!

hi just wanted to say thanks for the scares, and share my stream recording with yall

stay groovy

love ducks, had to play. thanks for the scares, heres a recording i did for the stream

ha thanks for watching! glad you liked it. ill be circling back for the new game to play!

i played your game on stream, loved it  i was completely unnerved and creeped out.thank you!

had an incredible time playing this game on stream, i wanted to share with you the product. many thanks!

thanks for the scares sorry i couldnt get the voice acting recorded, i provided links so they get credited

thanks for everything even though i didnt know it was a scary game. had lots of fun

i played your game loved it  youve earned my eternal trust and loyalty

glad to have gotten to expirience your game, thank you for coming back to finish it so we could play the ending :)

played your game on a stream the other day, and I have to say this game was an immediate favorite for me. thanks for the laughs and the scares :)

i think pom really hit the spot for me as far as parody horror, would love to see the public restroom one but also this unique slender idea!

that is good to hear!! ill have to return to properly play through it for you

hi this is my first time streaming/making a video and first horror game ever. thanks i had a really fun time