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Went on hiatus so I never got to gush about this game. Played at night and had a hell of a time when the music cut!! Eagerly hoping and waiting for the full release.

this ending....

anyway heres a recording i wanted to share!! looking forward to playing ep 2!

I played your demo, it was awesome!! gave me some good scares haha 

wanted to share the recording and say thanks! looking forward to any updates!!

This game was hella uncomfortable. And weird. I loved it. Thanks!

Here's a recording I made!

Wow I am so glad to be back playing this one, the update kicks ass and the music really set the tone for some fun times. Can't wait for the next episode!!

Eternal fan, Sanaya <3

PS I made another video I wanted to share:


holy SHIT this game is so good dude. anyone a fan of scifi horror, this is a must-=play for you. in true yames fashion, this one is an intelluctual mystery masterpiece, with some really deep philosophy about religion and the origin of human life. be prepared for a fucking awesome but short ride!

I played your game! And that little man sure was nasty. Hoping that you took that "real life" nasty man home!

hey i wanted to say this game was a good challenge that i enjoyed, and say thanks! i wanted to share my reocrding, though it seems like im frustrated im just enjoying the trial lol. thanks again and cheers!

absolutely in love with your games. thanks for the scares! (again)

had the most rage time playing this awesome game, so i wanted to say thank you and share the recording i made!

i was so excited to play this game and it did not dissapoint in the slightest. im absolutely in love with your work! i made a rap in the first minutes of my recording, I hope you see it and enjoy. thanks for this relaxing fun experience!!!

I absolutely loved your demo! Super creepy  I was losing my mind and was super stressed out having to go back twice for the recording! Can't wait to see what comes next, thanks!

uhhh i tried playing your game but failed, thanks anyway!

came across your game in the middle of my animal crossing grind! it was great to have a familiar break with this game, thought the rolly polly was a wharf roach for the longest time lmao. i wanted to share my recording and say thanks!

i played your game and was a little confused but i have to say thanks because you still scared me. i made a recording to share. thanks!

hi again...deeply enjoying your games one at a time. i caught up with this one and had my breath taken away to the point of exhaustion. so thanks for the scares! i was so misguided.. i can't believe i missed out on so much!!! honestly these tips make a world of difference, in my free time i 'll be practicing for the full release! thank you for watching, ill be following the process!

im pretty sure i played your game entirely wrong! but i loved it, and wanted to say thanks because it was so strange and enjoyable. i made a recording and wanted to share with you. cheers!

so intrigued by this game and ready to play the next episode... many thanks to you for giving me the creeps!!

hye no worries, I'm honored that you watched them! they wereso enjoyable, and i want to say thanks for your kinds words and wish you luck in your next adventures! i'll be following your journeys for sure :)

absolutely fell in love with your game. as a fan of Night and Day (especially BUB) I had a lot of fun playing throught his demo. i wanted to say thank you! and share with you my recording.

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hi again! i played no players online not too long ago and wanted to share my recording of this game. thanks for giving me the creeps twice in a row!


deeply enjoyed your game and found a fun bug that gave me quite a bit of amusement! thanks and here is a recording of my playthrough!

wanted to play so that i could get the full story for we dont talk about it, and i wanted to extend my thanks! had a great time, and wanted to share the recording with you. cheers!

absolutely loved your game. all this email approving filled a long empty hole in my heart. thanks!

loved these ones, busted a gut laughing, hoping to be the first in the quest 2 speedrunning community! thanks and cheers!

played another one of your games! trying to play one or two each sunday for my own health and wellness. thanks and cheers!

thank you!! its an honor to hear that you liked the intro :)

looking forward to playing more of yours!

I just love getting the shit scared outta me by you! Had to say thanks again for the scares. I wanted to share my playthrough with you as well, cheers!

hi i enjoyed your game and wanted to say thank you.  i made a playthrough and wanted to share with you wanted to share with you, cheers!

hey i wanted to say i enjoyed your game! im looking forward to playing more of them but i wanted to say thanks! i also wanted to    share my playthrough with you. cheers!

I played your game and it was so beloved to me. I understand it looks to be on indefinite hold, so I want to say thank you and good luck to your future endeavors!

enjoyed your game, thank you! i messed up in the beginning (shot too many bullets in fear) but i wanted to share my gameplay with you. thanks again!

hi! i played your game from the haunted ps1 disc and wanted to thank you personally for making a game that felt really intuitive and perfectly mysterious. i did a recording, and wanted to share. cheers! 

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hey again kittenm4ster, I had to come back and play another game of yours after ghost house and I wanted to say I love your games so! I made another recording with this one that I wanted to share.

Until next time!

Adored your game and probably clowned around too much on the recording. Thanks for the relaxing morning!

really awesome game i cannot convey how much i enjoy this even though i messed up continuously. thanks for everything, i wanted to share my playthrough with you