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Really enjoyed the game!! Great job!!

Thank you so much for playing it!!

We're done!!


Game can be found here: HALLOWQUEEN

Pazuzu, I just want to say that you are amazing!! The amount and quality of the work you produced over the past 10 days is astounding. Me and my friend would like to say thank you so very much for helping us, you really helped to take our first real game to the next level in terms of quality. Your work is great, and we hope that we might be able to work with you in the future.


Weird, it might be the camera, could it be that the object isn't on an integer value, if so the camera might be doing something unwanted with the subpixeling

Once again you've created something great!! I can't begin to thank you enough for all you've done!!


Did you import the sprite as multiple, if so check to see if you are getting the entire sprite in the selection.

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We have finally finished the boss, took a lot longer than we expected though...


The setting is going to be in a castle, but we are still working on the art for that... so...

I'm setting the resolution to 160x144, but I have a custom script that switches between different multiples of the resolution.


I am also working in Unity, and what I did is set the size of my camera to 72, and made the ratio of pixels to unity units 1, so that moving an object over 1 unit in the scene view will only move the sprite one pixel. That means that if the position of the sprite is an integer value, then the object will appear to be pixel perfect. Also, I was shown a script by Weegiebee: Stick it on your main camera and set the height variable to 144 and it'll force your screen to mimic that resolution!


Thank you so much, the script works like a dream!!

I really like it, but it took me a while to figure out that 'w' was go... though that could just be me being a dumbass

We are still working on the boss, but will send a gif your way as soon as it's done. We're super happy you can help us out!!

Hey Pazuzu,

We really love the two songs you provided for us, and progress is still going great. However we'd really appreciate another track for the boss fight in our game, if this just isn't possible or you would rather spread out your talents, just let us know.

Also how would you like to be credited for you work you've already done.

Thank you so much, these are great!!

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Please check it out here if you want to.

We had a blast making it, and we'd be super appreciative if you played it!!

Hallowqueen is a Halloween themed top down shooter, set in a world of witches, skeletons and demons. You play as a mage, who is protecting a group of clerics on a journey to stop the evil Hallowqueen from destroying the Earth. This is me and my friend's first gamejam, and so far we're been having a great time making it.

The overall look of the game is developing quite nicely I think.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Will post more images when I get around to it.


P.S. If anyone has tips for making unity more pixel perfect I would be super appreciative!

The concept for the game is that you are a mage, protecting a caravan of clerics on their way to stop a halloween themed demon named the Hallowqueen. As for gameplay, its a top down shooter that revolves around you protecting the caravan during waves of enemies in different locations on your journey. I like the idea of a semi-castlevania sound, partly because I love the songs from those games, but I think a "trick or treat" twist might sound cool. I can send more images of artwork so you can see the game if you want to get a feel for what kind of sound it needs.

Hey, if you need to reach me, email me at Super excited to see what you come up with!

Hey, a friend and I are making a halloween themed shooter, and would love to have you on the team if you feel up to it.

Here's a gif of our progress so far: PROGRESS