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The way I did it is I added it as a non-steam game and launched it through steam to get my controller to work with it

Just look at stuff like you normally would. The zoom check is disabled in VR

Yeah, unfortunately I had to disable the kill animation for VR because it completely screwed up the animation and camera position for the rest of the game. Again, I don't have a VR headset, so I wasn't able to test any of the VR portion myself, had to rely on what someone else told me to do everything for that, but I think the new update makes VR much more playable

If you start the game with a VR headset connected you should get a screen asking whether to start in VR mode and whether to use motion controllers

Is this happening in vr? Or do you have a vr headset connected?

You just need to use the mouse on the menu, but there is an option to invert it

Open the console with the ~ key and type in t.MaxFPS 30 (or whatever you want the framerate limit to be)

I made the game automatically start in vr if a headset is connected. Didn't realize it was a hassle to disconnect them, that's what you have to do to play it normally though 

Can't say for sure, but it looks like your computer might just be too weak to run it

She is. I didn't work on most of the animations until just the last week and I didn't have time to add that one in.

Last piece isn't in the menu. Check the guide if you get stuck