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Its been a while since I played NALE C2 so I haven't made any progress towards figuring  out the first inconsistency but after playing a private detective rpg game I'm gonna give it another shot, I'll keep trying until I succeed.

I see thank you for clearing that up I'll just wait until the other enemies are complete.

Is it just me or does the girl in the library near the bookshelf look familiar? Maybe a certain bookworm with her own story? Just thought I mention it since they look similar thats all.

Everytime I go to that room with the captured enemies I see that I'm missing one from the Summit area. Is it not in the game or is it someplace else?

I see.  Thank you for answering.

Is ST Reprise Edition 100% completed or is there more stuff to be implemented?

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Is there a chance of Aria's Story becoming an actual book? I just gotta ask if there's a chance or not if its a no then thats okay. I still think the game is  great and I'd probably play it again after a while has passed.

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I just finished it, got all the endings and I loved it so much! My favourite ending is the Good Ending and it was really cool that Lewin and Wendy passed by Luna. Aria's Story is really the best rpgmaker game aside from Midnight Train.

I've been looking forward to this!

I expected it wouldn't be easy, but this is hard.

I can't figure out the first inconsistency in this one.

I'm looking forward to it.

Maybe that is the case.

No it was WinRAR.

I tried to extract Chapter 2 [English] but I keep getting "file is damaged"