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I liked how quickly it ran too, but my computer started giving up on Day 4 for some reason. /:

Cryptid Jam community · Created a new topic Concept Art

Since we're allowed to work on concept art before the jam starts, I thought that I'd make a thread for people to post their art to.

No finished assets such as sprite sheets or anything like that are allowed, so keep the art to things that won't be in your final product.

I personally saw quite the opportunity coming when I heard that the definition for cryptids here was open-ended.


Is that Michael Jackson?

If this is an april fools joke then just know that heavy attacks are still cool. <3

FARA community · Created a new topic New Combat
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I personally liked the old combat system.

It wasn't very confusing, as stated, and added some fun depth to the game. Even if trying to push over my enemy might not have been the best move at times, it was still fun to have all these combat choices.

I get that sometimes you didn't know exactly what you were doing, and that might have been weird but I like that you feel almost like as you play the game both you and your character improve at fighting. This is such a big change to what really seemed like one of the most important and most used mechanics of your game. Sometimes less is more but here I think players would rather have many choices and only use a few instead of having two choices and wanting more.

Even if there is some way to access previous builds I still want to continue playing new updates.

I could do without stances, I guess, and the heavy attack is cool, but taking away my pushing, kicking, and parries was a little far...

I do understand that this is Brian's game but I felt that if I voice my concerns maybe he'll thinking about going easier on stripping down the combat system. Thank you for reading.

What do you guys think about the new system?

I love how you build prefrences for the characters over such a short amount of time! My favorite has to be Glasses. I am 100% looking forward to a full release.