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Very original. I love it.

Too short to be good.

I loved it!

I don't know why I need to use w and x to change Santa. It made my hand uncomfortable. But good game, though.

Not bad for the first timer!

Nice art! But I think this should only played with better graphic card because the frame rate on my computer is slow....

I liked it! Very clever interpretation of the theme.

The camera is wonky. I can't figure what's going on the screen.

Interesting graphics. It reminds me of my own entry.

Honest opinion: It was average.

Not enough snowman, but still an interesting game. But the keyboard control is uncomfortable.

Nice simple game!

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It's a simple game and all, but how do you restart the game?

I enjoyed it.

MacBook Air

Jacksepticeye played your game. 

I was messing around with buttons and I got this message.

And also, the save function is not working.

I hope his Kickstarter becomes a success.

Thanks for the comment. I am surprised that you bothered to play this game.

I need an artist for character design and background.

What a cute, mind bender.

No music?

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Donated $7 to this. It was one of the best games I have played from the Heart Jam.

only one button

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I don't know if you care or not, but Markiplier played your game. 

I think I got the true ending - but I am not really sure that it is. I expected the path I went with disturbing but it comes off as sentimental. But good game anyway.

I only pushed one button on pin and it immediately said that I got it wrong. Is this a glitch?

I got happy ending! That was such a great game!

I love it!

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Thanks for the feedback. Your response was the best so far.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks for the feedback. I will update this game but with much more better control. 

Beautiful visual and good game design. I loved it.

I liked it.

Very challenging because of its weird control mechanism, but beautiful artwork.

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Only advise I could give to first timers is that: plan right ahead and use your time wisely.

Anyway, it was a lot of fun. I was expected that I won't make it to deadline because I was demotivated in the middle of the Jam but I made it earlier than I thought I would. If I had a flexible time again in the future, I could participate in another Game Jam . 

I love the graphic! Looking forward to it.

Your game looks really cool. Can't wait to play it.