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J.R. Sulfuro (pseudonym)

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Yeah I guess I didn't express enough what I am going to make. But here is my Discord name.

Discord name: Raccoon_JS

I did and I asked for an artist and nobody steps in.

Can you be part of my team?

I once had an artist and now he's dropped out. I need an artist for cutscenes and sprites.

Anyone available?

That was.... bewildering. I tried to think what it all mean.

Well..... that was a game. I am trying to wrap my head around what it all means.

Anyway, I played the HTML5 version and I really enjoyed it. Fun little game!

I liked the art style. Not bad for a first-timer.

Nice game. I really liked the idea, though.

Not bad for a first-timer.

At least you something executable on time. The main goal of this game is simple, and the music is pretty.

At first I thought this was a Mexian stand-off but you really got to move to avoid bullet.....

Fun, simple game. I enjoyed it!

But nice game, by the way.

I enjoyed it. Very original.

And there's a Window executable in Linux package.

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Was it too harsh? Sorry about that. But the game is cool, though. You made something I couldn't even make.

After it glitches, things kinda get confusing.

It was a cute game.

How can I out-run the glitch?

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That was interesting. Nice control mechanic. Not bad for a first-timer.

Nice Metroid-like game. Stellar graphic and animation!

.....I don't get it.

Nice aesthetic in this game. It was fascinating.

This is Space Asteroid with a twist (and glitch)! It was nice.

Cute little game. But I wish there was a background music.

Had a hard time setting up the gun in my hand. The graphic was stellar though - reminds me of that NES Die Hard game.

That was very short. But cute game, though.

The granny's voice sounds hilarious.

Feels like a professionally-made game. I like it!

Flawed control, but not bad for the first-timer.

I WIN!!!!

LOL okay.

Nice little game.

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I have no idea how that got in there. I will fix it.

EDIT: done.

It was a fun side-scrolling(?) shooter, but I ended up trying to speedrun this game. But I couldn't find any relation to glitches. 

Not bad for a first-timer!

The game crash after the intro.

Didn't you export your own games?

Cute artwork. You managed to make a decent stealth game without gimmicky glitch aesthetic.

Where do I get the package?