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I'll look into it. And also, which export did you play with?

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Let me re-export it.

EDIT: done.

Nice idea, but the control is hard to use.

Hey, thank you for playing my game. I am not sure if I would revisit this and fix some of the mechanics, but I appreciate it for trying out.

BTW, how did you find my game to began with?

I am surprised how you'd be interested in playing this game.

I will re-export it just for you.

good work

The frame rate is bit wonky, but good work.

Nice game.

Good work.

I enjoyed it!

This really requires two players. But nice game, though.

Very unique platformer game. I love it.

Nice game.

I am impressive how you can make a one-button game without being a flappy bird knock-off.

I didn't get the game entirely. But good music, though.

You got me very hooked. I love it!

My original intention was that the more tornadoes you killed, the less people spawning on the ground. And this became a bug on itself. I should've beta tested deeper.

Sorry about that.

Very unique game. I enjoyed it.

A lot of physics stuff made me laugh.

Very cute game. It could have more funnier if sound effects are added in.

Very solid puzzle game.

Very unique rougelite game. I like it.

I am thinking about making a noir-themed surreal adventure game. But does it have to be a visual novel?

I downloaded the MacOS one instead, and that one worked. And nice game, though.

I tried to play this on Linux (Ubuntu specifically) but it didn't open.

I loved it!

it was nice.

I am struggling with the combat system.

I am not sure if square within square blocks violates the rules. But good game with good concept, though!

The control is clunky and the goal of this game is still undefined. How am I suppose to get those postions up there?

I liked it - especially the square character's infinite speed.

I like it!

I WIN!!!!!!

I love the music and the control is smooth enough to be playable.

My only problems are the frame rate and the faulty collision of enemies' bullets.

Even though the game has a lack of music, but the smooth control and fast pace gameplay makes it an exhilarating experience.

Even with minimalist aesthetic, it developed a good atmosphere with effective sound design. However, there's a bug in the second level where it keeps resetting every second or so.

Good mechanic. However, the control feels uncomfortable and didn't feel the acceleration from the ball.

Smooth control and sweet music. But how do I get over this gap?

Mouse selection thing of this game made me frustrated. But overall, good game.

While the game is ambitious, but I didn't understand the equipment and inventory system.

While the character customization is spot on, but I came across a bug in the middle of the cutscene and unable to progress the game.