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Thanks, And ofc it’s honor to be on your server!

Hi, Thanks for your interest in COLOLINKS! ♥

The 30-seconds time limit when game starts have been considered to give the game a well-designed gameplay mechanism, Because at the time 60-seconds was considered i was aware that game may not end by players which ends up submitting scores that are very huge and makes it hard for easy players to challenge into the leaderboards, Though mastering the game mechanisms and understanding the techniques is enough for getting very high scores…

However you can get bonus time by creating and activating “Special Marbles” which designed for that case!

Really well designed, What a nice visuals!

Thanks for this game! :)

Thanks for being interested in my game! 💙

Although the game is small, The concepts were done very well!

Nice Game!

Hi, Thanks for trying the game! ♥

To solve the 4th room all what you have to do is to calculate number of squares of each color then enter them…

HINT: Number of Red squares - Number of Blue squares - Number of Green squares - Number of Pink squares, Then enter value of each one…

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Thanks for having fun playing the game! ♥

(Though the game is a bit old haha)

Thanks so much! ♥

Thanks! ^_^

Thanks so much for your amazing review! 🥰

Thanks so much for your review, Much appreciated and looking forward to see your amazing stuff! 🥰

Really great game with good difficulty, Also it worth mention that concept is very cool! XD

Thanks for you review so much! ❤

And don’t worry i always do this by hitting up then down as finger is above keyboard! XD

Thanks so much for your review you are very kind! 🥰

Thanks so much for your comment, Much appreciated! 😊

Thanks so much for your kind review! 😊

Very fun game, Really recommend trying this “Piece of Cake”

Very great job and well done working on the game! The game is really hard when playing in fun mode and very exciting…

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Very cool game concept! Looking forward to next improvements! ^_^

Thanks so much! :) You’re amazing keep going! ;)

Welcome, Have a nice day! 😄

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Very cool rhythm-based dungeon crawler game, Takes similar concepts from “Crypt of the NecroDancer” but still great to play so it’s great Jam submission!

Looking forward for the next improvements! 👍

Thanks kindly for your warm review! 😄

Updated game right now and allowed to use W and S if you wanna! :)

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Thanks for your kind review! :)

About fire with W and S, It’s not a bug but i don’t think DragonRuby’s args.inputs.keyboard.up checks for W but will later will update game and add your idea, Thanks for suggestion! :)

EDIT: Will update it now! :)

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About disks

I’m using Batch for that, So if files not shown then change directory with HOME and try then, If not then it could be by your Windows Security.

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Hi guys!

If anyone tried Lancelot v0.1 on Windows i know you got problem cause of mkdir command, Now it’s fixed by version v0.2

And i know some people gave bad rates cause of this, Really sorry!

Hey, For who downloaded Windows version v0.1 of Lancelot and had mkdir issue: Please download v0.2 as it fixed the problem and please change your rate if you got rated it badly cause of this!

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Fixed in v0.2!

Good Job!

Cute! Very good job! ;)

Nice work! You can also make it better if you wish to turn this into big thing someday!

Very nice idea and concept!

Very cool tool!

And what makes it good that it works perfectly than Microsoft’s Stick notes by saving data and get back anytime instead of keeping app open after saving notes…

That’s very good job!

Nice promising project!

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It’s good beginning for making HTML5 game engine, Also it can be more better…

Some improvements:

  1. I recommend you to stick to JavaScript extension instead cause old browsers might won’t work well with it (But it’s nice to see HTML5 game engine uses his own extension)

  2. I taked look at your HTML file and saw engine source embedded inside the iframe, To be honest it’s still better to have JavaScript file containing the engine source to be loaded (Following other HTML5 libraries/engines)

  3. You can improve examples to make it better…

By the way your project looks promising, You can also take look at my library Pancake and it’s fine to implement some features from it to turn it into complete thing!

Best Wishes! Rabia.

Nice tool thanks for making this!

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واجبي, و أي شي مو مستوعبه اسألني عليه و شكراً على التعليق

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الملف مو خطير و أنا ما بساوي فيروسات أنا بأكد على كلامي

بس عطل أو تجاهل كلام نظام الحماية عندك, لا تخاف ما حيصير شي

للأسف هي مشكلة متزامنة مع أنظمة ويندوز الحديثة