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Very nice game thanks for putting your effort for it!

I believe that if it had mechanics of rolling slots machine when pressing shuffle will make it more better, By the way i enjoyed it a lot!

(For both Lua and JavaScript versions of Squids!)


Thanks, For some reason i also face this (In web version), But in native version game works properly…

But thanks for the review!

Thanks for your warm review, I really appreciate it!

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It’s endless lol, As it’s arcade game…

Oh, And thanks for your warm review! That encourages me to do more games in near future…

And if you’re interested in, Source code available on GitHub from here!

Thankful, I might work on your suggestion… If fact while in development cake can go in both sides but when i did it i felt that game became easy…

Oh, Thanks for your reply!

Great job!

Thanks for support!


Will be paid? Please tell me about this!!!

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Hi Everyone!!!
I saw Lua VM For Browser Called Fengari,Found here
Ok,Works online and offline and has version for Node.js also,It has DOM module maybe it can help, can developer make scripting support for lua?

Thank you!!!

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Hi Ray,You’re great one I used Raylib,And it’s really awesome,But can i ask you?

Q1: My laptop using Windows,But with OpenGL 4.5,With Vulkan support(If i’m not wrong)

Can i recompile Raylib,To use OpenGL 4? Or even older versions of OpenGL,For some compatibility?

Q2: Is recompiling Raylib,To use OpenGL 4 can cause problems?

Best Wishes,Rabia