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We plan on it, I have to more thoroughly test the binaries against a bare Linux install and get the required libraries in the package so that it runs out-of-the-box more smoothly.

• Adds a new third attack for the monster morphs! (default key: F) 

• Adds an alt-fire for all the other weapons 

• New weapon animations by BeardedDoomGuy 

• Fixes and improvements 

• Some balance changes 

• Weapon Hint System - when first selecting a new weapon, or when using a new morph, the game now tells you what keys to press to engage each available weapon function. (This also serves as a hint to bind your third attack key, as it will let you know if it's unbound!) 

• "give morphs" is now a valid cheat command 

• Ambient Sounds added 

• "Classic" mode has been removed - if you wish to play HoN classic it is now a separate download

• GZDoom engine updates, mostly fixing the shell folder open. Now works the same on all platforms and should be more secure. 

• Sword is now flagged as a melee weapon for mods/bots that need access to this info

A small hotfix for tying up loose ends

• Some improvements to controller support

• Ability to browse local config, screenshots, and save files

• A few recent GZDoom engine fixes

• Improvements to the new movement code

• Changed distribution format. A single .iso file now holds all 3 versions of the game for every platform (Windows, Linux, Mac)

The actual version of the game is v1.5.1 but they may show as v1.5.

The uploaded files have the movement improvements and freeze fixes that were included in v1.5.1.