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Downtown Loco community · Created a new topic Suggestions

if you have any suggestions post them here.

anyone know any sites I can find a pirate of ITEMSTOCK on?

If anyone finds an opensource alternative to ITEMSTOCK please let me know!

<3 thanks for making a video, means a lot =D

symbolism for two lines expanding away

"pei" - pronounced "pay"

symbolism one arrow pointing at another



symbolism of an arrow pointing at the distance and expanding the area to show a circle/person

like "mind" upside-down

kinda symbolizes a head with information spewing out the top

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"KNOWLEDGE / know"

written: "dan"

Thanks! As planned for the jam we have, Teslabunny, Phoegon, Rudolph, and Trex :D

not really and thanks :D


r0wan used dink and did some more damage.

Thank you. umm shhh haha... ha... don't tell anyone

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Thanks :D, We're using gamemaker!

Updated :P

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Thanks, I'll post a gif of the combat in an hour or two (it's similar to Pokemon but instead of going into a specific room to battle the combat is an overlay that's activated when you take your turn), also we're making this in Gamemaker :D

Thanks, :P, it didn't look that good so I changed it; if I figure out a design with a W I'll use it :D

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The art is so detailed in such a small space; it's beautiful, can't wait to play it :D

Thanks, me too! xD

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<3 Thanks :D

#LOWREZJAM 2017 community » Devlogs · Created a new topic OwO
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For this gamejam I decided to work with other people, not wanting to make a smallish game; namely  Jacob and Julien (and now Ingram ) .

On the first day, we decided on a theme and came up with a Pokemon style game where you have pets that fight for you but with a twist - if all your pets die, you die/restart. So you would have to look after your pets and feed them, give them water etc... and take a pet with you to go and fight to get an egg to hatch to get more pets and so on... and Jacob made lots of cute designs for pets! 

At the end of the first day, I started work on UI and stayed up till about 4 in the morning. I made a menu system that acts similar to the menu in Pokemon but acts more like an inventory/resource manager - I tried to make it feel as immersive as possible as if your character in the game is actually interacting with it. 

On the second day, Julien made a basic environment tileset which I tweaked while he made a daylight cycle and  Jacob made the movement, collisions, and animations for the little pets and made them follow the player while we decided on a name for the game. OwO is what we came up with because the pets are so gaddamn cute! I continued to polish the menu system until midnight when I started work on the main menu and continued working on it until about 4 am. 

On the third day, I worked on making the menus look better and more smooth, Jacob has started work on A* for the enemy detecting the player for a battle/fight system and Julien is making a town tileset!

On the fourth day, I made a visual for the attack system where you can provide parameters for a fight cutscene we now have another artist (Ingram) on board making attacks and improving sized up versions of the animals we had because Jacob who was making the small cute animals is busy with programming gameplay. The combat is similar to Pokemon but instead of going into a specific room to battle it's an overlay that's activated when you take your turn.

On the fifth day, me and Jacob have joined our projects together and the attack system and menu are implemented in the actual game! Ingram is making awesome animations and pixelart for the attack system! Julien is sick so he hasn't been able to do much.

Here are some gifs :D

The main menu:

The inventory/"Interactor" system:

The movement / Combat system :

(sorry the gif is a bit ew)

one of your favorite jumps you say?


try this :

"practice makes perfect" ;)