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Thank you so much! I focused on the message rather than gameplay!

Thank you so much!

I'm really glad you liked it! It's much less of a game than I would usually make, but I'm still very happy with it!

I'm really glad you liked the game and my videos!

That is a beautiful review! Thank you for playing!

Thank you so so much!

I agree, I really tried to tap into the art-cart feel with this one! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

The sparkles are actors! Exactly 10 so it's at the scene limit!

Thank you! It was fun to think beyond the Game Boy for a change!

Thank you for pointing this out! I have re-enabled purchases and downloads for you!

Amazing, please tell me how it goes!

Haha, I'm glad you like it!

Thank you for taking the time to give me some feedback, I really appreciate it!

Thank you so much!!

Thank you! I agree there are a lot of walking and talking games, but I think it's because GB Studio does it so well! It's nice not to be fighting against the engine like I have in other games. The small mini-game is a fun bonus to vary the gameplay (and development)
Thank you for taking the time to test it out!

I agree, I will probably put it up on itch as it's own thing. Thank you for playing!

The demo is just for browser right now. I will make the next version a gb file!

I really appreciate you taking the time to fill it in, I definitely think that will improve it! As the creator, I know exactly what there is to find and do, so getting another perspective is invaluable. Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for such an extensive experience breakdown! This is invaluable to developers!
I completely agree with you on most points, unfortunately I gave myself a week to concept and create the entire game so there are some very obvious flaws. If I ever remake this game or create a sequel, I will definitely take into consideration everything you have said here.
Thank you again, so so so much!

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it

I have got the camera but I've haven't thought about the DJ game at all, I should give it another go!
And yes, I think using the 4 tracks would unlock it's full potential, the way I did it limited me a lot.

This is a really cool way of promoting a song!

Yes! I would love to experiment with that idea in the future!

Yeah, I agree. Thanks for playing though!

Really great feedback, thank you!

I agree, I would definitely not use A/B + Arrows if I were to do it again. In retrospect it is quite awkward, and you don't really need 10 sounds, the 6 would have been fine.

I'm always amazed by the kind comments like yours I receive! I'm glad you like my work and find it interesting!

I would love to see what you put are thinking!

Thank your for playing and making a video, it was really fun! 
Regarding the map size, on the way back from each clock tower there are shortcuts, but you only took about 50% of them and you didn't seem aware of them which was interesting, but the fact I made it in 7 days meant I wasn't able to test it on anyone to see how effective they were. I'm glad the large map overall made it feel more like a complete game though!
Thank you for playing!

Really glad you liked it! Thank you for playing!

I'm glad you enjoyed it though. If I were to expand it I think I would need your help with puzzles! Your Rewind Time game is really good, the puzzle design is fantastic!

Really glad you liked it! Assemble with Care looks great, I could definitely get inspired by it!

Really insightful comment, thank you! And I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm glad you think it could be expanded, I think your ideas would work really well!

Thank you! I have never played Survival Kids but it looks really fun!

I definitely agree with you on the maps needing characters or something, I would love to remake it with this in mind.

Thank you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Haha, I'm glad you liked the beard, and thank you for watching my video!

I just learnt a new word! Stroboscopic? I understand what you mean, I guess that's one reason why Zelda has static screens.
Thank you for playing, I'm glad it worked on your IPS DMG!

Glad you enjoyed the game, and glad my videos are useful!

At first I did not understand how to play at all. After some trial and error and finally understanding what the tutorial actually means, I really enjoyed it! I finished the game and really enjoyed the ending too, I found it very funny. The music was annoying by the end but I congratulate you on making your own! The puzzle design was really strong! I felt lost at times, and I would have preferred a simpler start to understand it all, but I got there in the end. Really great work for only 7 days!

Thank you for playing! And thank you for the bug report. This was a known issue that I thought I fully solved but clearly not. I will look into it, thank you!

Thank you! Yeah, it is also extremely linear to combat getting lost which isn't great