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This one instantly caught my eye, I love it! Sorry I can't vote!

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Please share any bugs or problems you have here so I can fix them! Any other feedback is greatly welcomed!

I'm really glad I could help give you an outside opinion of your game. I'm interested to see where it goes. Good luck!

Great game, thank you for suggesting I play it! I hope my video helps you in some way!

No problem! It was fun!

I played through the game and talked about aspects I liked on my YouTube channel if you are interested.

I mainly liked how the story telling/notes linked to the level progression. I'd love to see this developed into a full game one day, loved it!

Great thank you! It wasn't that clear, I got past it now!

I can't seem to cross the gap on the level that has the sign that reads "The end is in the sky", am I doing something wrong?

Thank you so much!

I'm sorry to hear that, I have reported the problem to itch many times but I have had no response. You can always play in browser for free!

Really great work! I'm very impressed!

I will report it, thank you for bringing it to my attention!

Very strange, I'll try and report it, thank you for letting me know!!

Thank you so much! It was with your help!

Thank you so much! Yeah I've really tried to make a great player experience, I'm glad the UI stood out!

Great, tell me how it is!

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Any suggestions are welcome! Aggressive driving does increase your speed stat, but it also reduces your handling, so it is great for long straights. Safe driving increases your braking and handling, so it's better for heavy corners. I've planned an interactive tutorial that tries to teach the different driving styles in context so it is less of a mystery. Currently, aggressive driving burns 1.2x more fuel and safe driving only burns 0.8x as much fuel(I times it by 8 then divide it by 10), but it can be hard to tell as GB Studio doesn't handle differences in those small numbers. Due to that, I'm thinking about having races with longer sections, and having cars with higher fuel consumption so that it is more obvious. Regarding the name changes, I like 'Competitive', but I might try and come up with something else as 'Normal' is boring but true as it doesn't change any stats. But when I add crashes, 'Safe' driving will actively avoid crashes, so I think I will leave is as 'Safe'.

Thank you for the suggestions nonetheless, it is making me think deeper about certain aspects and how the mechanics are portrayed to the player.

Really great feedback thank you! You are correct on everything here and I have added them to my fix list. I will add more singular races between the Championship so that you have less to skip, but I will add the skip to next race feature as well. Just like the original TIR, I wanted to have crashes to give you a consequence of driving more aggressively, but I decided to keep it out of this current version of the demo to make it more manageable. Regarding the other racers, their AI is faulty so they always drive safely, that mixed with their deliberate low stats, it is often very easy to win like you said; this is my focus at the moment, I am working on a system to let the drivers make more informed decisions to be better opponents. Driving differently does change your stats to get faster times, but against weak opponents they sometimes feel meaningless. Thank you again for playing and leaving your feedback, it means a lot! I will be working on addressing these issues you have raised and more in the coming weeks and months.

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This is a list of future features I have planned! Please comment what you think of them and comment your own suggestions too!

  • Full colour (planned for after release)
  • Multi-slot garage / garage upgrading
  • Freeplay mode
  • Statistics
  • In-game achievements
  • Engine swapping, engine building
  • In-race crashes
  • Many years of races in the calendar (1950 to 1989)
  • Many classes of cars to buy and race (from compact to open wheel)
  • Track and car descriptions
  • 'Skip to next race?' on day skip
  • Drag racing
  • Rallying
  • Formula racing

This list is not in any particular order and may change as I receive feedback and suggestions.

Great! Thank you for the feedback! I'm about to post Take It Racing 2 later today so stick around!

Really unique GB Studio puzzle, great work! It's a shame it's so slow, when you fail it's really tedious to do it all again. Other than that, I loved it, really good artwork too!

Great! Good plan, I might have to contact itch if it continues

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Thanks for letting me know, I'll look into it right now

Edit: I can't find an issue on my end so I have emailed them to you directly.

The game is really coming together! Well done! I love all the new cars and the work on the tracks!

One exploitable issue is that on some tracks you haven't put in many checkpoints so it is easy to cut the track to beat the AI.

Great work though, keep it up!

This is a really good little game, well done! I loved it! Really good polish.

Love it, great use of the pushing mechanics!

A really good game. Beautiful execution. Fantastic artwork, story telling and design. Well done! I loved it.

This is really coming along, I'm very impressed. The career mode is great, really good work. The one thing you might not have considered is making another difficulty that has a mix of AI racers. The reason I say this is sometimes the legends are way too fast and the beginners are way too slow, and the pros just clump together. A mix of them would also mean I would have to really fight for first but also shouldn't come last much. Hope this is useful feedback, keep up the good work!

Has anyone tried their export on the Bittboy? I want to know if my games will work before I buy one. Thanks!

Post-Mortem is up now! Thank you to everyone who played!

Extremely Impressive

Really cool, well done

It's #Devtober and I am finally announcing my upcoming game, Spacepunk!

Spacepunk will be a retro RPG made using GB Studio. There is currently a free demo, so please go and play it and tell me what you think! More is coming so follow me for updates!

Set on a multitude of planets, Spacepunk is your story as a hacker, which path will you choose?

Based on my game Hack-R, Spacepunk will take the hacking up a level with more challenge and a fuller story.

To make this game, I am using GB Studio, an engine that lets you export real Game Boy ROMs! I am using GIMP to create the art, TILED to create the level backgrounds and OpenMPT to create the music. I aim to release the full game next year to be played on the Analogue Pocket.

If this sounds like something you'd like, please leave me some feedback so I can make this a better game!  SPACEPUNK

Fantastic game!! I loved it so much, I didn't realize I had a candle behind my laptop until there was a black mark growing on my screen! Don't worry though, I it is just an off coloredmark now, but I can still use it
Again, well done, I was utterly captivated and really enjoyed it, amazing use of the theme

Thank you so much for playing! Yeah, I agree, I'm working of a new game like this and I'll take that into consideration

Thank you so much! A really great video! I completely agree with you, my intention was to test mechanics for bigger game I'm developing, so any and all feedback is so welcome! Thank you again!

Thank you for playing! I completely agree with your judgement

Glad you liked it!