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Don't overdo yourself try to make something small and not complicated try to pick up a few new things and don't rush it.

Try to prototype before hand so you can see if the mechanics work the way you want them too. Have people around you try and test out your game so you can get their feedback.

Thanks, I might after the jam, fix up the game and add actual progression into it.

Nice job, I enjoyed playing the game. Also, great title name, it is very clever.

Thanks, there is a way to show progress but it may be hard to see. Under the fuel bar it shows how many steps you have taken.

The main goal is to survive as long as possible, the score under the fuel bar will increase every step you take. try to get that score as high as possible.

The puzzle aspect sort of surprised me, but I feel as if the 2nd level was much easier than the 3rd one.

Good job on the submission!

Great game! I enjoy throwing stools at the enemies to see them fly up in the air. 

Yep, stay alive as long as possible while managing your fuel.

Thanks, classic is just the game without any special mutators and arcade is where you can change and add mutators to the game.

Great! I'll take a look.

That's okay I'm not the best at explaining things.

It is very enjoyable and I had lots of fun playing it although I'm not very good at it.

It was a joy to play but was extremely hard for me but that could be me being bad at platformers. And the switch between the two colors take a long time to finish and it usually keeps me standing in the same spot for more than 2 seconds.

Great concept and it was a lot of fun! although I think there was some bugs with the sounds and sometimes the jump detection was a little off but I enjoyed the puzzles anyway.

Fun I like dodging games! But, I didn't really understand the concept of the white circle that follows you as it does not deplete health or anything. (from what I understand)

Thanks, I do believe that music would make it better and should've spent some time making some.

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Thanks, I wasn't entirely sure if I should add a health bar since the light around the player is the health bar.(which grows dimmer the less health you have)


I can tell its not finished but that's okay its just a small game jam and its even hard to finish an entry sometimes. I love the pixel art it's very small and cute. Also, great job at creating multiple animations in the scene the plants bring so much more life into it!

The game was pretty fun to play but it lacked a lot of polish and particle effects. The game had some small bugs I encountered in a single room there was still one enemy left but I still completed the level. The game was overall fun and interesting.

Very nice game, it had some great features and mechanics although It was difficult to remember what to do especially with all the text in the beginning. 

It feels really great to play and it tool me awhile to see which planes were my ally's and which were not. But, I quickly found out. overall great game it has great art style but the buttons don't really fit in with it.

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Thanks, this helps a lot I have been having this problem with all of my other projects and it works. But, sadly I cannot implement it into the project until after the rating session. (If you have a windows computer you can still download the game and play it though)

I'm so sorry I had this problem the last jam too. I did put in a windows build on the game page though.

I was pretty lost before at the start of the game because there was no tutorial. But, after awhile I got the keys worked out. The game had some nice puzzles and a nice mechanic. I just wish there was one more level though.

I'd like to day I'm really satisfied with this one. I like the way you interpreted the theme and put it into the game. Its really fun trying to get to the demon and back again after it dodges away. Usually in games you get better at it but in this one you get worse. Great job :)

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This game really hits all my expectations its a great card game, has good strategy and is fun to play! I cant believe this was only made in a week. 

I like the style of the game fighting off a boss. But it lacks stuff like different enemies because after awhile playing the game started feeling a little repetitive even though I switched difficulty.                 Nice work:)

I usually just say minimal if something is missing if it is just a general type of something.(Sorry for the inconvenience)

Thanks I only wish I had the ability to add a soundtrack but, next time I'll try it out.

Nice game, It has some missing features though. the character doesn't have animations and the sound design was minimal. But overall It was a very good game:) I like the rising acid mechanic.

Nice game, It was fun to play but the problem I got the must often was when I would start to die with an animation I would still be able to move.

Yah I think the camera is a little off too. I probably never saw it because I made the levels and just knew the spikes were there.

Thanks for the feedback. Glad you found the tunnel. I'm sorry it got boring after a little while. Next time I'll try to spice some things up.

Love the cool puzzles and how much effort and particle effects you put into the game!

Definitely, up there in my favorites in the jam. Great game and fun concept.

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I have no idea why it wouldn't run. But I know how to fix it. I just didn't want to use a development build because it doesn't always feel the same way as it would as a regular webgl build. Thanks for the feedback it should be fixed after the jam.(And I would love to rate your game too.)


Nice minamal style with great design I only wish it would tell me what level I was on.

Ok, then I'm not sure how to fix that problem sorry.