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Oh I didnt realize, I thought It needed to finish the animation, so I hardly ever used it.

How do I run this on linux?

This is really adictive, it could be a good mobile game. Keep it up

Cute, responsive, I like how it handle slopes, and the upkick doublejump is fun. The spinny is also quite nice, but almost always ends in me bouncing to spikes, I dont know how to handle it well.

I feel the camera is a bit too zoomed in to see the level properly

Great, this looks pretty, and its awesome. Changing weapons on the fly is really fun.
it is hard to hit enemies when you are not locked to them tho.

Good job

This is great! I love it and everything good has already been said by other comments so I'm gonna complain.

Windup is a bit long, specially for the shield, I found it almost useless. If you want to make it slow commit to your attacks combat like darksouls maybe make hits do more damage, spiders take too much to kill so I just went and bashed them off the ledge.

I love this keep it up!

Thanks, I'm really happy you found it interesting.