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Good game, please continue development

aaaaaaaaa that's awesome!

Awesome game

Windows10/Chrome 70.0.3538.102 (Official Build) (64-bit)
I've checked gameplays and found that 3d graphics doesn't appear for some reason (even in the menu)
Ok, I'll use windows build ;)

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Dude i have just black screen ang music after launching the level (web) :(

damn, that's super awesome news! Keep up ! 

Got error after the game about Trump done and nuke appeared


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u're mad, man


amazing work guys!

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Dude, please add some mouse actions to gameplay 
Something like you should catch a fly in the car , dunno

i lol'd
i'ts  amazing


Amazing game.
Sweet art, cool gameplay and making love with my ears (so much love chiptune)
Can't wait  for release!

lol like it :D

Waiting for a brutal bar fight!

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Love this game
Amaze graphics, music, effects and gameplay
Big ups!

Love it!

  • Colour gamut: 4 "colours"

Someone clarify please what does it mean? Only 4 colors(include transparent) or 3 main colors with shades + transparent?

Hi everyone!
My name is Konstantin, I am Front-End dev(about 1.5y), so HTML5 gamedev is my small hobby. Now i'm working on my very first game for this jam, creating art and coding. Please do not blame on me after publishing :)

I believe everyone will have fun. Good luck!