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How can I turn off the spellchecker?

For the record, this unusual state did not happen on subsequent launches of JRNL.  So all it took to "solve" this was just restarting JRNL.  Though ironically I actually kinda like it better in that odd state...

Thank you!

Thanks for the information!

Where is the save file for this game?

Thanks!  I found it.

I also noticed that there are some very large log files -- Player.log is 67.4 MB for me while Player-prev.log is a whopping 856 MB.  Are these needed to back up the save files?  And are these even intended to exist in the first place?

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Today I don't know what I might have touched but when I opened JRNL I noticed there was a formatting bar at the top of the window with a box around my text area.  I could also pull up something at the bottom which produced a blank white area where text didn't go, and which I could adjust by pulling it again.

I like this formatting bar (usually only appears if I highlight text), and I even realized I could change the font from this!

But, what caused this to appear?

Thanks for letting me know.  It's actually been a reasonably fun little game aside from the endgame grind.

Also, where are game saves stored?  I figured I'd archive my progress along with the backup I have.

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Is there anything special that happens after getting all the upgrades?  Because I'm finally at just over 1.00 G and there's a 10.00 G final upgrade that I'd basically need to leave my computer on overnight (at least, possibly multiple days ) and I'm wondering whether that's even worth it.

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Great!  Thanks for the fix!

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FYI, the link in the product description here looks like an link in text, but actually goes to a Steam product page.  The text *is* the address of the correct page, for what it's worth.

I noticed that I couldn't see the gear and so I resized my window and found it.  You may need to do that.

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I'm liking this so far!  I got this in a charity bundle, and I'm pleasantly surprised that this tool seems pretty useful.

Does anyone know where in the config file I can modify the font?  I happened to need to type something that makes it very unclear whether things are lowercase o's or zeros...

I ran into a bug where I think saving as the witch immediately after switching to her for the first time caused the game to do various weird things, including show both a knight and a witch in town, make me show as a knight but have the witch's character UI element in the corner and be unable to use any attacks at all.

I forgot how I fixed this but eventually I got it fixed.

I understand that the dev may not be fixing bugs anymore, but I feel like I should document this, in case anyone's curious, and you never know if it'll be useful information for a speedrunner.

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One way to cheese the Dracula fight is to note that Dracula won't move off his bat phase if you don't destroy all the bats surrounding him.

It's easiest to accomplish this using the bugmeister.

Is there a canonical name for the protagonist?

I didn't just visit the Sun Cave but I went to the sun! :D

I've been treating that screen as an unofficial end condition.  I figure that if I wanna speedrun it the requirements will be "beat all the bosses then go to the sun".

I would upvote your post if I knew how. :D

Anyway I've finished the game!  Thank you for making this!

I don't yet know how to get to what I think is a superboss, and I think I still haven't encountered a few of the Z-creatures (probably Mermaid, Squid, Sewer Beast and Fire) but I've beaten the rest.

Anyhow, I enjoyed this game!

I actually never spent even a single character skill point, so I'm actually wondering whether to stream this for a few friends, and have them decide what abilities/equipment/skills to get.  A friend had an idea to stream Final Fantasy Tactics with each of us managing our own character's abilities, and that turned out to be a fun idea.

Also I was a little amused to hear (particularly where it occurred) the title theme of Ghost Grab 3000...but then again it is a little unexpectedly epic there too, so heh.

I've got a spoilery question about a little detail at the end of the game:

[ROT13] Tjra fnlf gung "gur thneqf jub fheivirq", frrzvatyl vzcylvat gung fbzr thneqf qvrq, ohg V erpnyy Fgenfmn (gur qentba) fnlvat gung gurer jrer ab sngnyvgvrf.  Juvpu bar npghnyyl unccrarq?

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OH MY GOSH THE ELEMENTALS FIGHT WAS EXHILARATING.  Frustrating at first when I kept failing at it...but exhilarating to finally pull off the win!

Also, at the dance party, there's one line from Goliath ("The queen would've kicked me out...") that is misattributed to the Queen.

And soon afterwards, at the room above the Royal Guard, is there supposed to be a palm tree right above the room?

Confirmed that exiting back out to the dwarf king's house properly positions the character.  Thanks!

(FYI the installer gets temporarily blocked by Microsoft Defender SmartScreen due to lack of a publisher.)

Thanks!  I found the folder.

Where are the save files?

FYI, the link to the patch is currently a Steam click-through link.

Oh, I'll check the mouse thing.  Thanks for the tip.

Also sorry about posting these all over the main game page; I should probably just make a thread on the game forum for this stuff.

One of Uno's lines after The Big Reveal contains "That's my que, which should probably be "cue".  (I'm not asking you to fix these now, but just writing these down somewhere.  If you prefer I write them up somewhere else, I'd be happy to.)

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Found a potentially serious issue: attempting to exit from the area with the Guardian back into the king's house causes the player-character to get stuck at the top of the right-side bookshelf in the king's house.

Update: the cutscene afterwards places the player-character outside of this entire area anyway so it sorta makes this moot, unless the player walks back out the way they came in.  Amusingly, I did just that.

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The Surge technique says it boosts the user's "Wisdom".  Is this supposed to say "Intellect"?  (Since "Wise2" is a spell that boosts Intellect.)

Also I'm occasionally, though rarely, getting a bug(?) where I can't change which ally I target with a healing spell.  I'm not sure if it has anything to do with my usual tactic of having my two fastest characters put all the enemies to sleep, then replenishing MP by defending.  When I win and then go into another battle, this odd effect is gone.

Also there are occasional oddities where there's an object I can't pass through that doesn't seem like it ought to be there.  For example, in Deepforge III, there are two tiles beneath the stairs down from the King's house that have walls on them, subtly indicated.  Also I think there's a thing behind one of the trees at the bottom of the screen near Malady's house.  I'm not sure whether they're concealing secrets I ought to look further to find.

Also it seems the Medic shield's HP restoration replaces the usual MP restoration of the Defend command, rather than being in addition to it as your guide says.  (Also in the same part of the guide, the monster is Z-Wolf, not Z-Alpha.)

I'm enjoying the exploration phase after I've gotten the ship!  Have found a number of new things.

Meanwhile I just wish I had a guide showing me which spells are provided by which orbs.  Maybe I should make one myself...

Hey, just sorting out the Knights of Ambrose Saga.  The first entry is Knight Bewitched, the second is Knight Bewitched 2, the fourth is Finding Light, the fifth is Knight Eternal, Celestial Hearts the third one?

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You wrote the music for this game, right?  I ended up finding your bandcamp page and used Bandcamp Friday to pick up your other albums.  But...will Dragondot 3 ever show up there?  Edit: That was silly of me; I forgot I already have the soundtrack from here.  It's late o'clock and I've had a long day...

It saves in a plaintext format and you can copy that text and "paste" it into the game to load it.  However, for some reason, I just found that it seems loading the game clears the islands of most resources (they do respawn of course), erases bridges, and turns the island land type to grass.  Not sure why; this may be a bug.

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Oh, thanks for the explanations!

I didn't think of the distinction between TP and SP; I thought it was a typo or a term whose name had changed, because the miniguide has stuff like: "Defending will restore 10% of your MP and generate 25 TP and will always go first on each turn."

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Noticed a little bug: the spell in Dylan's second spell slot doesn't seem show as equipped when in the spell shop.

Also, is TP the same thing as SP?

Also, a slight typo (and I feel a little bad about being nitpicking about this), but Ned probably means Halonia "lay in ruins" when describing the place's history.

This is an amazingly charming little game!  I wasn't expecting much from the silly premise of simplifying a a dragon's appearance to a dot, but it turns out have both a surprising amount of exploration and gameplay depth, as well as a number of adorable moments.  I especially love the main theme; it's just so upbeat and tuneful!  (and I feel bad every time I kill a kobold by accident...)

Thank you so much for sharing this game in that giant bundle.  I've mentioned it a few times already among friends.  I'm thinking of streaming it specifically for a few friends who I know appreciate the 2D Zelda games.

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If you die by getting grabbed by the heart level boss, you enter an invincible state despite having no hearts.  The death jingle plays, but you can't die, nor move, nor can the boss hit you anymore.

Hey, thanks for the response!  I figured it's not a virus, but I figured you should know that this false positive is happening, though it seems you already do.  Does the EXE just simply launch the emulator with the ROM running?  Or is it a separate Windows build of the software?

Hey there!  FYI, for some reason, Windows Defender says that your Atchafalaya.exe contains trojan Win32/Zpevdo.B.  The ROM seems to work fine though.

FYI the full version is here: