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Hey, curious to hear what you think of our game, it got #40 in design, and I think we took the theme in an original direction.

It's a digital board game, and the victory condition is to have only one piece left on the board :)

This is an adorable game, and I really want to go get a cupcake now.  I love how the little characters get the happy rosy cheeks when they eat their cupcakes :)

I will say that the difficulty spike in level 3 really surprised me. The first two were quite easy, and then all the sudden the 3rd level required insane precision to complete. I only got 3/4 after multiple attempts, and that felt like it was primarily luck.

I think a fun puzzle element might be to have objects in one dimension that alter something in another dimension. So maybe there's a red button in the blue dimension that moves one of the red platforms to cover some spikes, idk.

My last nitpick here - while I understand how you used the idea of "only one," the game's theme really centers around this multitude of dimensions. Nothing about the experience feels limited in an "only one" kind of way, in fact quite the opposite. I would challenge you to rethink the design a bit (just for fun), to see if you could make the theme more relevant to the game play. Like what if there was this cosmic cupcake that could be in only one dimension at a time, so you had to have the characters collect it in a certain order as it bounced between dimensions?

Anyways, excellent job, I hope you had a blast with this jam!

Hey, this game is really cool! You executed on the one bullet idea suuuper well - it feels very impactful, and it's clearly communicated. I think that a big part of these themes is trying to make the idea into a meaningful piece of gameplay, where "only one" is something your actually thinking about or feeling in the game. You absolutely succeed here!

The levels felt a bit claustrophobic and frustrating to me, but that may just be a preference thing. Overall great job!

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Finally got around to playing this after you did that glorious fan art for Einnsámr! You definitely didn't give yourself enough credit when you mentioned your game, it's really good. If there was a game feel rating, this would have 5 stars. Pressing that spacebar felt great, and your simple color scheme really communicated what was going on. Very easy to pick up and understand!

I would definitely get the timer and charge meters out of the middle of the screen, that really blocks the flow of the game. they could sit really nicely horizontally adjacent at the top of the screen I think.

But seriously, be proud of this, I genuinely had fun with it!

Yeah I love Knife Fight, A+ level by Nate haha!

We'd love to see what you think of our game Einnsámr!

We'd love to hear what you think of our game Einnsámr!

We'd love to hear what you think of our game Einnsámr!

We'd love to hear what you think of our game Einnsámr!

We'd love to hear what you think of our game Einnsámr!

We'd love to hear what you think of our game Einnsámr!

Wow, I love this take on the theme, very original! Very detailed, polished, and immersive for a jam game, which really helps sell the spookiness. It's designed very well, I was able to figure out the puzzles on my own which is perfect, makes the player feel clever :)

I felt like I was able to cheese things a bit by getting to glance at the diagonal tiles while I switched between orthogonal facings, not sure if that was intentional. However I think without that the later levels might have felt a bit too much like simple trial and error? Hard to say, and it's all just a nitpick anyways, amazing job!

Feel free to check out our game Einnsamr as well <3

Thank you so much, you're way too kind! Design/audio person here, so I'm especially tickled haha, I had a lot of fun making that track! I was a big fan of Age of Mythology back in the day so I think I was drawing on that subconsciously.

Our Achilles' heel for this jam has been our lack of in-game tutorialization, we've had many people tell us that they only figured out they could possess any piece like halfway through the game XD

Thanks so much for playing!

OMG this is amazing <3 <3 <3

This absolutely made my jam I love it

Do you have a jam game I can play to return the kindness?

Hey, thanks so much for checking out the game! Yes, I'm really looking forward to sitting down and brainstorming a bunch of new ideas for pieces :)

Thanks so much for your compliments, and for playing! Today is a bit hectic for me but I'll give your game a spin if I can find some time :)

Thanks so much for playing! I like your self-imposed hard mode, idk if you could beat all the levels that way haha XD

Our main claim to the "only one" theme is the victory condition - the goal is to capture pieces until there's only one left on the board. Secondarily, you're only using one piece at a time.

We're considering taking this to mobile, nice to hear that you think it's a good idea :)

Thanks so much for playing!

Thanks so much Sean! Yeah, we definitely wish we had time to slip a little tutorialization in there, but you know how jamming is haha.

Thanks so much, we're really glad you like it!

Thanks so much for playing, we appreciate it :)

You got it, no worries haha! Gonna play yours tomorrow :)

Thanks again for playing! I'm heading to bed now, but I'll leave your game in my browser so I can give it a try tomorrow :)

Hey, I'm leaving this in my browser so I can play it tomorrow! I appreciate you playing our game, but for now I must sleep haha XD

Hey, thanks so much for playing, that's some really kind praise! We're thinking of getting this on mobile...

So our main use of the "only one" theme was that the victory condition of the game is for there to be only one piece left on the board!

Awesome, that's what we're thinking of doing! I like the themed boards the most too, those were the ones my jam partner came up with 👍

Hey J.J. thanks so much for playing! We definitely plan on doing more levels and enemies :) Possessing tiles outside the board is actually a bug haha, but a lot of people have found it to be really fun, luckily XD

Played, rated, and commented! That was a riot, thanks for sharing. Check out our game Einnsámr too!

Hahahaha ALL THE 111111s!!! I went like 80% attack speed and I am not sorry. That was some goofy fun, and the music fit super well for it :)

Check out our game Einnsámr too!

Played, rated, and commented! Really fun, I liked this idea a lot :) Check out our game too!

This was a really fun one, I liked zapping all those evil green wasps with my triple lasers :) It reminds me quite a bit of Reus! Check that game out if you haven't.

And while you're at it, check out our game Einnsámr!

Yeah that's great! Dialogue can be the entire experience if you really work with it.

Thanks so much for checking it out!

Played, rated, and commented! Super fun idea, like I said on your page I love all those little characters. Here's the link to our game Einnsámr:

Hey, this is a fun idea! I like the goofy cast of characters :)

Check out our game Einnsámr if you haven't yet!

Yeeeah I hear ya there. Played your game and it was glorious haha!

Haha omg thank you for making this goofy, glorious thing. That was my first originality 5/5. and thanks again for playing Einnsámr!

Thanks so much, we really appreciate you taking the time to play it!

Hey, this game is awesome, I had a blast! I got to like the third part of the last wave, I was so clooose! I think "you have multiple options, but you can only do one at a time" ideas tend to be a good use of this theme, as that provides a sort of meaningful choice right off the get-go. Einnsamr has that one action idea too.

Thanks again for playing our game :)

Thanks so much for playing, we hope to make it into a complete game :) Gonna check yours out right now!