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Can I post fan art?

Can I post fan art?

Aw, The beta is only for Paterons :/ I like the game but I cannot afford it Pateron is a site I try to avoid usually because I don't have money for it.

Amazing Game but, When will v.10 Public Android version be released? I cannot afford to pay $10 I don't have any money to support your pateron (idk if I spelled it right) Please I really love this game!

Is there a new version like updated one in 2019

Beautiful ❤️ I'm so glad you made this, A game I always wanted to play! Take your time for Android (I played it on PC) This game has beautiful Art work! Please keep working on this! I can't get enough of it!!!! -Love QuietAnime-

I still can't get it to work 😭 😔 I really love visual novels it's always the one I can't get thanks for trying to help me my phone is just not the same as a PC/windows

I can't speak French, Why is all the good games on PC or in a different language or cost money.

Im on mobile and the all zip file I can open it but can't run the exe or game. I need just the  Android only Apk. Im on Motorola e5 Crusie -Sorry for my bad spelling-