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This game hit a little too hard what with the quarantine, but this game was still a delight! Did it leave me wanting to scrabble at the walls? Yes. But I adored all of the characters so much!! Valerian was surprisingly sweet once you got to know him, Abeni had me swooning, and Gnarl is delightful of course!! I love all of the main characters with a passion and have a save for all of the routes! All of the games you have up are stunning, to be honest, and they've made my day! Thank you so much for making this!

What a fascinating game! Thank you for making this!

I adore this, and am thrilled at the chance to dig into this world and the characters!! I love the world concept too, I'm just so excited about this! Don't worry about rushing, I'm convinced that the final product will absolutely be worth the wait!!!

I've played up to an end, and I absolutely adore this game!! The characters are interesting and lovable, the writing is clean, skilled, and funny, and the way the game allows you to develop your personality and who you are is so nicely done!! This is a stunning game the completely embodies my love for twine games! Thank you so much for making this!

I loved this game so much!! The narration was so fun and effective, I adored the characters, it was so cute and gay!! This is pretty much everything i could ask for in a game and i adored it. Thank you!!!!

downloading thi e itch io app worked for me!

This game made me laugh!

My antivirus also won't stop deleting my game. :( I just want to play it!

Thank you for making this game!

I adore this game!!! It's so sweet and comforting!!!

This is so wonderful!! Thank you for making this game!

The game is called Known Unknowns, and it's great!! But I'm definitely playing it on itch, using the in browser player! It's a delight of a game, and even though I'm finished with it, I'd rather other people not have to deal with this issue! Thanks!

hey! im playing a game in browser on but it keeps telling me ive stolen or hotlinked it?? i dont know whats going on! thanks!

awsome game! thank you for making it!