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Fixed!  :)

Too tough in Kinder mode but awesome idea and fun music!

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The is absolutely adorable and I love slimes and Tetris...a match made in heaven.  I'm screening games now but will definitely play this one.  Nice job!  :)

Tried it out; nice artwork and good idea!

Nice start!  :)

...aaaand I forgot!  

I can't sleep and just remembered so wanted to jump on to say I still plan to fix it (just irl stuff going on right now). Have a great rest of the week! :)

Oh wow - that's so weird.  I was able to replicate (currently on mobile) but have no clue why.  I'll look at it tonight after work and will get back to you.   If I can't figure it out,  I can use a plugin to block the player from entering that spot.

Thanks so much for letting me know!

I just watched HawkZombie's stream of this...nicely done!

Not bad!  I got confused a couple of times but I liked this game -- cute and simple.  In case you're interested, I recorded my playthrough:

Nice job and best of luck on future projects!  :)

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I'm just teasing; have a good day and good luck on your project!  :)

EDIT:  (graphics look great, btw)

I don't want to spoil anything for other players so will just say I got stuck but still enjoyed this game very much.  It was cute and made me think.  I totally cheated for getting a cat to move past a certain point but the rest worked out.  The solution made me laugh.  Well done, devs!  :)

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Hey there, I just played about 3hrs of your game and WELL DONE!  I never played a FF fan game before but really enjoyed this.  Good dialogue and great quest log set-up.  Mapping was done very well too.  I got lost a lot but, hey, I do that in real life too.  :p

Anyways, the game kept my interest so I'll keep playing it.  I did stream it tonight if you want to see my initial impressions but, be warned, it was my first stream.  Hopefully, there's still some useful feedback for you though.

Head-up that the Jukebox in your menu is calling for filenames that have spaces in them so it didn't work.  In case the info helps, The jukebox in the castle worked fine though.  I called it a night but I'll let you know if I find any more bugs.  Have a great night and best of luck on your project!

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Hey there and thanks for trying it out!  You're right about it being my first project 

You're right about it being my project.   Well, I did a couple of forum challenges but I consider this my first real game.   I started it un June 2020 as a practice project to learn stuff but kept putting my friend (Justin) in it as a joke and would send him clips.   One night, at work, I asked him what the theme would be if he were the main character in a game. His answer was "I don't know, how did get a good beer?".  I ended up shifting gears and making him the main character and added of our friends in as different NPC's.  Haha!  I'm not a great storyteller but the game is full of inside didn't expect anyone from the public to take interest.  WHEW - I'm just blabbing now so on to your feedback. 

I like the idea of moving the INN entry hint circle so will change that.  I used TSR-Mirror to experiment with the mirror reflection.  It took a bit of tinkering but it was a lot of fun.  It's not bad if you're comfortable with GIMP/Photoshop (as you'll need to edit the transparency of the mirror part of the tile).  That plugin is by The Northern Frog; heres the link for it:

Thanks again for checking out JustiGame!  I'll have a downloadable Windows version available once I feel my project is stable enough.  Have a great weekend and enjoy your beer!  :)

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Pshhh, I've never crashed my game like that before...uh...nope...not me...heh-heh.   ;)
No worries and Happy New Year!

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I tried it but got stuck when entering one of the buildings at the right side of your castle.  It transferred Player to impassable tiles on the Vet map so I couldn't go further.  Autosave feature brought me to same spot.  It looks like a nice effort on this game though.  Happy New Year!  :)

Super cute game and I liked the simple storyline.  I get overwhelmed trying to think of a good plot for a game but playing your game taught be that you don't need a huge plot to make a good game.  You did a very nice job on this and I love the artwork and the fighting skills fit the characters well.

There are still a LOT of loose ends but I fixed some bugs and updated some of the music.

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My what a cute short-and-sweet game (short kids and sweet treats) you guys have there!  Nothing like a nice hot bowl of soup to end it with.  :)

This is a uper cute game with charming characters and plot.  Nice job!

You did an outstanding job on your demo!  Nice mapping, interesting yet simple storyline, enjoyable play.

Awww, you're so sweet!  I hope I didn't come off too nitpicky as I really did enjoy the game!

I'm not expecting you to go change your project.  I figured you could just take what you want for future reference...then you just had to tease me with the Ch.4 Elven town.  Why?  WHHHYYYY?!  ;)

To avoid disclosing health issues publicly, I'll just say flickering lights have always given me trouble.  I think it's really cool that you want to make the game more accessible.   I never expect developers to do that always appreciate it when they do.  :)

  • I wish there was a Fullscreen mode but like the options when starting a new game.
  • I may not be able to continue long because of the flicker lights.
  • Dialog text too small
  • I like the subtle sound effects
  • Considering all the options, choosing whether to have cursing for not would be nice (but I realize tha could be hard/tedious to implement and appreciate that foul language is minimal; I just can't let one of the kids play it)
  • Multiple currency/coin types has my curiosity
  • Very nice UI
  • I don't know what button I pressed but a cheat input box came up...interesting.
  • I like how play is broken up into chapters.
  • Ooooh, I recognize some of your music (that loop in CH.2  is in my current project).  Good choice!
  • I enjoyed the first 2 chapters but had to stop at the gold mines (flickering).

Sorry I can't give further feedback but I loved the gameplay/mechanics and would recommend this for most people.  Nice job!  

My pleasure.  :)

  • I got the Phasing skill but didn't know where to use it.  Thanks for sharing how it idea!
  • "I don't know exactly what you mean by this" [referring to question about Armor shopkeeper]
    • The NPC outside the shop says he unsuccessfully tried to return something and the NPC inside say you can't reason with him.
    • It looks like I just misinterpreted that as foreshadowing the shopkeeper pulling one over on the MC.
  • Doors: suggestion was just for an animation when MC goes through doors (looks like he's walking over them) but the game still functions fine. 
  • Thanks for explaining Pancake Power.

I added this to my Favorites list.  Again, you did an excellent job on this project!  :)

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Hi Walldeaf!  I just tried your demo and what a fun and engaging game!

A took a few notes on what stood out:

  • Appreciate loud sounds trigger warning at beginning but couldn't find a way to adjust volume levels
  • Creative title screen but a little long for returning players.  However, I don't see this as a deal-breaker since it doesn't fet used much.
  • I love getting to explore!
  • Mapping was done well too.
  • Suggestion: have doors animate to show them opening when MC enters
  • Cute font and I love the little text pop-ups when gaining items
  • The menu setup done well I would have liked an Options menu
  • Training School in 1st town:  Text of Choices cut off
  • Pancake Power?  Bought 3 but not sure where to find or how to use
  • Love the Bob Ross painting.  Nothing like some happy little trees.  :)
  • Weapons: meaning of diferent colors?
  • Skills are fun and fit characters
  • I enjoyed the battles (usually get bored fast but the enemies changed enough)
  • Music is on point
  • Voice acting was simple (don't like it when people go overkill)
  • A clean Credits page, including where you got what, would be nice.  It looks like credits might be somewhere in the game but I missed it (demo took me back to Title Screen).  I watched the video on your Itch page and that was great.  I liked your personal notes towards the end too.  

I had a lot of fun playing this and the UI was well organized.  You did a great job!  :D

EDIT:  Curious on a few things

  • I'm just curious if the armor shop owner (the one 2 NPC's complained about)  screws over the player at all.  I was kind of hoping my crossbow would break in battle or something (only b/c I was expecting it though) because you would have made it funny.  lol
  • I never got to check out the Phasing skill (could only find in-battle skills) so am curious how you implemented the use of that.

You did a very nice job on them!  :)

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A lot of reading but the characters were really well done and I liked the little quips as I explored.  I thought I figured it out but know I missed something because I can't accuse the murderer.  Overall, well done though!  I enjoyed what I played. 

Side note: passibility of outside windows allows player to walk up the mansion.
Nice work on those maps though!  Also, where did you get those music tiles? 

My favorite part was your creativity in skills.  Nice job!

Wow - thank you!  I worked hard at it but wasn't sure anyone would like it.  <3

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Thank you, Walldeaf!  I'm glad you enjoyed it.  Excuse me while I go eat some pie now.  ;)

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- Edited a tile

I'd say pretty darn good for your first game!  Maps were pretty open but you had a cohesive plot and I especially liked the little NPC quips.  Nice job!   :)

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FYI:  error upon loading game

What a cute and relaxing game!  Nice job.  :)

- Made NPC key gift more obvious
- Used items now removed from inventory

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Thanks, Kazuki_T126!  I'm glad you enjoyed it and thanks a bunch for telling me about the face image too.  I totally missed that!

UPDATE:  Fixed

Thanks, Dreamfall887!   This started out as me working on a template for something when I thought, "This needs a map."  Then I was messing around, so decided to add a couple more NPC's and turn it into a little game for the One Map Challenge.  :)

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What's a hidden cheat?  I'm guessing this is something more than hidden passages/treasures.  Looking online, I found stuff about cheat codes on console games.  I don't think I'm on the same page.  Can you describe that a little bit?  Thanks!

This game kept my interest but it froze after "Forget the water. I'm going back to sleep."  (the fast moving book was in the doorway so I think that event is blocking the player's movement route)

Maybe use Yanfly's Region Restrictions plug-in to prevent events from blocking doorways?

I love the twist/creativity I've seen so far though.  Good job!

Harold:  "WHAT?!  I'm locked out of my own house!"  ;)

Good job on your map, Kupotepo!