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El juego da un error al intentar abrirlo.

Yeah sure no worries I will appreciate a lot the feedback.

The only thing is that if you want to play this game make sure you have two xbox controllers (ps4 also works but the button layout is not the same unity stuff you know xD).

Hello everyone! I am Mikel from Spain and this is my first year at the UK, I was able to make it to sheffield hallam university thanks to an agreement with my spanish university to allow us to do a top up, so here I am doing the last year of Computer Science for games.

I have been working with unity and unreal last year,  but now I am more focused on getting some knowledge with graphics apis, so it is a good opportunity to catch up with unity again!

Good luck to everyone and have fun!! :D

Thank you very much ^^ I hope you enjoyed it! :3