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*end game? screenshot attached*

played Sara is missing on my phone for a more realistic gameplay. However the end conversation with Irizu & having to choose between 2, he gives you 10 seconds, yet I didn't choose within this time frame & it picked for me, now It isn't progressing any further so I don't know if the game is over or if there's something else I need to do, I cannot go back, reply etc. I'm stuck. Am I missing something? BTW its a great game. Very much enjoyed. 😊 

your video preview was hilarious. you've got great entertaining qualities that'll make any game  fun and exciting to watch.  i might have to check this game out, it reminds me of an old school type game from back in the day haha i love it, and btw i'll be visiting your youtube and hitting you up with sub :)  from -"gamers therapy unit" 

after watching many of the videos here, the game looks very well done! too bad not yet in English but in my opinion, language is universal & i think with enough attention things would make sense as you go.. (you can always attempt to translate as you go on the side until there is updated language availability) however I love to watching horror foreign  &  indi films  with subtitles in another language while their speaking the same language & i start to pick up whats going on whether or not i fully understand what is being said/ or written in text.    seemingly great atmosphere and build up. there's def a cool story going on.  just cant understand it yet LOL  I have to play this. I'll be back with my thoughts soon enough :)  aside. bravo  to the Devs! great work

i have yet to play sara is missing & i plan on doing just that.  if you have not yet tried Simulacra, it is a great game and extremely creepy on a psychological level. dont think i ever had been so terrified at one stupid thing that i didn't expect to the point where i didn't want to move from my chair LOL took me a good 10 minutes to continue the game..  def pick up simulacra!! highly recommenced and dont rush it either,  you'll want the full effect of all it has to offer :)  I hear "Sara is missing" is very similar to Simulacra.  so im highly interested in this one