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What an INCREDIBLE experience. There's so much to see and ponder over and the hidden secrets and new game plus just make the story so much more vivid. And yes there is a story, a very good one but the game will make you work hard for it. 5/5, this was a hell of a ride.

Another fantastic offering with gorgeous entrancing music and thought-provoking visuals. I feel like it's par for the course for APP's games, but I'll stop saying how phenomenal they are when it stops being true. <3

Oh my goodness, thank you so much! I really do want to finish this one. I love sci-fi detective games :D

Okay, math was my worst subject in school, and I've been working on this off and on for literally 3 weeks. Can I shove another quarter in the hint machine please? :/

This is your first game? I honestly believe you began with a fantastic, high-up-there offering and only got bigger from there. I would LOVE to see what a Cyber style long game mixed in with all your surreal narratives would look like now :D

Also I'm at the virtual apartment and I found what I think the answer to the 'square meters' is - I just want to make sure I remember my conversion... , is to . as . is to , from Europe to America, right?

As in, one thousand dollars USD would be written as 1,000 here. One thousand dollars in Europe would be 1.000 if I recall right.

So the answer would be XXX,XXX in American. XXX.XXX in European?

Awesome game! I LOVE stuff like this! Definitely reminded of The Ripper game.

That said.

I'm stuck at the locker. The poster has a date in the European style. The text is read in American date style.

I've tried one way, the other way, the year, the other way reversed, the one way reversed, adding all numbers then dividing by four and I can't for the life of me figure out the box code.

Can you give a hint please? Thank you!

Gorgeous imagery.

I'd like to meet this woman someday.

But I fear she would hate me and then laugh.

I didn't have it running as administrator, so should I be concerned it could still create a txt file and hijack my discord to close it? Because... not cool...

Once you figure it out, it's hard to get mad. I got to level 11 (... the Jail, I think it was? Locked me the hell out, that's for sure!)

Did you do your own audio mixing? The tracks are amazing and very apropro for the game atmosphere! I enjoyed it. :)

What a fantastic game. The art-style painting added such a blurry sense of distorted reality. It perfectly matched the atmosphere you were going for.

I wanted to piece more of the story together but I think some of the things didn't translate fully (I have no idea what a 'water detachment' is) but I was able to get a bit of it at least. Thank you so much for all the work you do. 

Finished it. I did better at this game with NO instructions and NO explanations (and oh my god the imagery was beautifully disturbing). I need to try all your other surreal games completely blind, to sod the instructions, I'll get a lot farther! But that was very very lovely. I'm sure there's still stuff that I missed so I may replay it later.

By the way, are you the Unknown Developer?

You two have... things in common...

Oh wait, nevermind, it's more synthesizer stuff from another game. Retracted.

Agreed. Whether or not there are deeper meanings or we're being strung along like suckers.

UD is a numbers station and I can't stop listening...   

9. 4. 15. 14. 20. 23. 1. 14. 20. 30. 15. 

I wonder if the 'This is my city...' lines are spoken by UD themselves.

Demarcate whether or not a game is set with jump scares, in the beginning or in the introductory text?

Or is that an effect a hapless soul must walk into?

I'm just saying, I'd like to know for a fact I'm spending hours looking at, say... the Antikythera mechanism and not the Voynich Manuscripts.

Oh I'm by no means suggesting LEAVING. This stuff is a facinating... um... Fascinating!

Not just YATG but the entire UD mythos in general. 

Every game, or visual engagement or sound file implies there's a secret or secrets within it. 

The human brain has the endless damnable, hackable need for completion. Plenty of well done games exploit this basic necessity of the human condition.

So, UD definitely has us coming back and back again, game after game, offering after offering.

One tries their best to listen to every sound, analyze every silence, search every open window, delve every crack, in the hopeless pursuit of knowledge and understanding. It's an engaging, effect form of storytelling. We need to know what the secrets are - what the Why is.

... but then Occam's Razor tells us that the far likelier explanation is that an unnamed game dev is laughing their ass off at us trying to form patterns in absolute random bollocks.

Following that line of logic -

UnknownDev is a time lord and we're all being taken for a f***ing ride.