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thanks alot for playing! Im happy that I helped your day better! 

oh that's not good :3 I'll take a look into it :) thanks for point it out and thanks for playing.

haha, I'm glad that I could surprise you like that!

Thanks for playing my little project, and i'm happy it resonated with you in this way as it was exactly what i was aiming for. 

Haha, id love to see you make an 8hr screen saver!
Personally i'd go for  rocks and cliff to right of the dock. 
And thanks for play my little project!

"I Love this game" ☆☆☆☆☆ Patrick

yeah, you will be able to find tones of tutorials about sculpting rocks in zbrush, and I took that made them more island like. :) It's all good glad I could help 😊

All the islands where sculpted in zbrush and textured in substance painter. The tress are just assets from the unity asset store.

10/10 Would reccomend.

7.5 too much gravity :P