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We thought the same thing lol! I was so confused for a bit there.

This was super neat! I've had this on my Steam wishlist for a bit, I'm always looking for more roguelikes to play and this one has quite an interesting world. Can't wait for the full release!

Thanks! Can't wait.

This was a super fun adventure! I love 3D collect-a-thons, and am super happy with the amount of indies that are trying to keep them alive now. This has a lot of promise in both the world, and gameplay. It feels super fluid, and the environments are beautiful. Props to the developer, I can't wait to see more!

This was a super fun demo! I absolutely love metroidvanias and this reminded me of some of my favorites (Hollow Knight, Gato Roboto, etc.) I really like the post-apocalyptic world taken over by robots setting, and the game feels great to play. Props to the developer, can't wait to see more!

This was a neat adventure! All of the art was great, and I found myself getting more and more interested in the world as it progressed. I've also never seen a librarian uniform that looked that cool? So props for that! Super interesting little adventure, will definitely be checking out more of your work sometime!

This was absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of a lot of flash games I've played, and definitely Untitled Goose Game! I love how you get different powers and it's more level based. Each level is like a puzzle you can solve a few different ways. Being able to make your own cloud face was a great touch. Definitely wishlisted this, props to the developers!

This was really cool! I found myself really getting involved in the world-building. The combat was fun while keeping it simple, and I really like the idea of multiple weapons at a time (hooray for fist weapons!) I'm interested to see more, can't wait for a full release!

Super fun if you're into character action, metroidvanias, or even soulslikes! It's a neat mixture of quite a few things. The art and music are great, and there's a good mixture of gameplay in the demo. Definitely recommended! 

This was neat! I'm super into Metroidvanias and especially love Hollow Knight, so this was nice to play. I ran into a bit of an issue at the end, but other than that everything was great. The humor in particular reminded me of the Conker games. 

This was such a nice little card RPG that has a lot of neat things going on. You play as a witch that gets the ability to deal with demons, which thus makes you the go to for all demon problems in the area. Combat is handled with cards or "words" that allow you to use different abilities to defeat demons. But dialogue and quests require that you read folk stories and talk to characters so you can learn all there is to know about demons. There's frequent knowledge checks where you get free XP if you've been paying attention. Overall a neat idea, can't wait for the full release!

I felt so stupid once I realized that! Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the cool experience!

This was super fun! I really enjoy old-school aesthetic games and this definitely scratches that itch. The world was fun to explore, and had a lot of interesting things going on. Having 6 different commands to do in each room really gives you a lot of options! I was pleasantly surprised by the music as well, there were quite a few great tracks. There's just something I love about being dropped in a new world and just told to explore. I definitely recommend this if you like older style point and click games!

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This was super fun to play! The world, music, and gameplay were all fantastic. Having your combat effectiveness change depending on your mood is a neat mechanic I haven't seen before, and I'm happy that there's puzzles mixed into the game as well. Major props to the developers! Can't wait for the full release (so my curse word spewing Charlie can cause terror throughout the world)!

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This was super fun! The combat had a lot of interesting things going on, the characters are fun, and the music is great. The combat system reminded me a bit of Paper Mario, which is fantastic. I was much more interested in the world than I thought I'd be. Props to the developers!

Cool! Thanks, I'll definitely keep an eye out for the steam page!

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What a neat little puzzle game. The puzzles were simple, but had a lot of cool moments as you slowly put the pieces together. I like that the levels are as small as they are because it stopped me from getting overwhelmed with possibilities, everything you need is right in front of you! I couldn't manage to beat the pyramid level. Definitely give this a shot if you like puzzle games!

This was a ton of fun! Art, humor, music, and gameplay were all great. Having most characters be different types of food made for some neat designs and interactions as well. I really loved the weird responses you could give to characters too! Definitely something I'm going to keep my eye on! Definitely give this a shot if you enjoy Minit or 2D Zelda games. Props to the devs!

This was a great little adventure. I wasn't sure what to expect going in, but I can definitely recommend this just for writing and art alone. It's 15-20 minutes of your time, I can absolutely say it's worth a shot. Props to the devs!

There's a lot of good to say about this. It combines a lot of my favorite things together, and pulls it off really well! I'm a big fan of tile-based RPGs, and this combines that with roguelite and card game mechanics. I love that your normal movement is limited, so you mostly need to move in combat by utilizing teleporting and dashing. It creates some pretty neat turns where you're dashing around the screen finishing off every enemy stylishly. The art is great, the music is fun, and the combat is a treat. Definitely give this a shot if you're into roguelites or tile-based RPGs. Props to the developers!

Glad I was able to help, best of luck with the full release!

This was pretty fun! The art and writing is very enjoyable, and the gameplay is different. It reminds me of Guild of Dungeoneering or Dicey Dungeons. Definitely give this a shot if you enjoy Card game roguelikes! Props to the developers!

This is a pretty neat idea! It feels like a 2D monster hunter, and each boss felt pretty different. The art and everything looks pretty good as well, definitely give this a shot if you're into Monster Hunter at all! Props to the developers.

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This was a really enjoyable game! I didn't complete the entire demo, but after playing it for a bit I knew it was something I was going to get on release. The combat feels fluid, and beam swords clashing is ALWAYS cool. It's not often we get something in this genre that takes place in a futuristic setting, so that was neat as well. Definitely give this a shot if you're considering it! Props to the developers!

This was a fun little game! I definitely see the potential with the tongue platforming, and of course the plane level! Would love to play a full game of this. Prop to the devs!

This was a fun experience! Combat felt pretty nice and there were a lot of different tools to utilize. Movement felt great, and I loved exploring the map. Never could figure out how to get across a gap to a chest, and the boss never did fully die. But overall I had a great time with this and am excited to see more! Can never turn down a game where you play as a dog with a sword. Props to the developers!

This was really cool! I'm a big fan of strategy RPGs, and this definitely scratched my itch while featuring some neat monster designs. The world itself seems really interesting, it has a lot of potential for a neat story. Art is VERY on point with both great character art and nice locations. Definitely recommend this one if you enjoy Xcom, Hard West, Wasteland 2, or Banner Saga. Props to the developers!

Awesome, can't wait!

I was really impressed by this. I'm a massive fan of Supraland, and this scratched the same itch but has a fantasy theme. The world is colorful and magical, and the puzzles are just fun to do. I was never confused, everything just fit together so well. The combat is a neat addition, and was never annoying or impeded the puzzle solving. Although I only got to make one potion, it seemed like a neat system as well. Definitely give this a shot if you enjoy things like Supraland or Dark Messiah! Props to the developer, I've already added this to my Steam Wishlist. Can't wait for a full release!

You're very welcome, happy to help!


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This was a super neat experience! It was fun to hop around and explore the environments and do some neat platforming puzzles. The two characters seem pretty interesting and have some funny lines as well. I enjoy the format of the demo as well since you actually have a goal to pursue, rather than just being dropped in a sandbox. I quite like the mechanic of making a platform to get across obstacles, it opens up some avenues for cool puzzle solving! I did have some issues with settings seeming to not save when I exited the options at some points, but that's to be expected in an early demo. Definitely excited to see more of this, props to the developers.

Super neat game! The demo itself is quite simple but you can really get a feel for what kind of puzzles are possible with the formula. Definitely give this a shot first if you're at all interested in the full game!

First off, props to the developers because this game is great! It totally exceeded my expectations. The music was good, writing was fantastic, and gameplay was super fluid. I found myself slowly getting immersed into how the world works as time went on as well. The powers I found in the time that I played were neat, and I could definitely see some cool applications for them in the full game. Definitely give this a shot if you enjoy Metroidvanias!

You're very welcome, thanks for making a neat game!

You're welcome, thank you for making such a neat experience! If I think of any suggestions I'll be sure to ler you know. 

This was a really great experience! The art instantly captured me, I'm a sucker for hand-drawn stuff, and the gameplay felt great too! It gave me a Hollow Knight/Blasphemous vibe which I thoroughly enjoyed. Quite interested in the Korean Folklore aspect because that's a niche I don't think is represented often. Props to the developer, looking forward to a full release!

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Wow, this was great. The music, gameplay, and art were all fantastic. It was the first game in a while that scratched the same itch as Hollow Knight for me. I didn't expect the combat to be as fluid as it was, so that was a nice surprise as well.  I was initially skeptical of controlling two characters but it works really well! I managed to complete the demo, and can't wait for more. Props to the developer! Definitely one of the best demos I've ever played on Itch.

I saw this was releasing on Steam soon and thought I would give the demo a shot. It's pretty good so far! The combat feels great, the Earthbound humor is there, and the music is to die for. If you're unsure on whether to get Virgo when it releases, definitely give this a shot. It's a nice vertical slice of gameplay. 

Will do! Still attempting to beat the regular mode on my own time.