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Will do! Thanks for the experience!

This was a neat game! Felt like a weird fever dream at times, but the music was fun and puzzles were challenging. (Although I'm probably just bad at the puzzles). Give it a shot if you like Fidel: Dungeon Rescue!

Ah, that makes sense. Glad I was able to help find some bugs!

This was a neat little dungeon crawler! I died about 4 or 5 times (I think). But I did manage to beat a boss of some sort! I like the aesthetic of the game a lot, and the gameplay feels good. Those slimes gave me quite a hard time.  Props to the developer!

This was great! I'm a huge fan of Luigi's Mansion, so when I saw this I instantly downloaded it. The game transitions surprisingly well to 2D, and there's many references to the original Luigi's Mansion in this. Some room layouts are similar to the original, and it even has cameo bosses (that need to be defeated in new ways). Props to the developer!

You should be proud! Thanks for making such a great experience.

This was a fantastic experience. I'm in love with monster collecting games in general, but this does some neat things in particular. Leveling up your character by getting more information about monsters (and getting art as a reward), is a super fulfilling system. The tetris farming mechanic is a neat way to get new food/equipment. All in all the game was very unique and interesting, definitely play this if you're into Monster collecting games. (The music is great as well.) Props to the developer!

This was a really neat experience! It definitely gives me vibes from the Mario and Luigi RPG series which I love. I love the color palette and aesthetic of the world, and all of the characters felt interesting and fun! I had a bit of difficulty grasping combat, but that really just required more practice. Definitely give this a shot if you like the Mario RPGs, or something like Undertale! Fantastic work Peyton Burnham!

Thanks! I was having such a great time with it, glad to know I was actually doing well.

This was great! I'm a huge fan of classic survival horror (like Resident Evil, Alone in the Dark, Silent Hill), so this was really fun to play. I'm always on the lookout for new games in the genre, and this one definitely scratches that itch. Props to the devs for making such a nice new entry in the genre!

This was great! I got really drawn into this as I love RTS and Card games, it reminded me of Kingdom. There were many more cards than I expected and a lot of them felt pretty good (Still didn't stop me from dying to weasels!) Great job on the game!


That's absolutely fine, the game was still great to play! I wish you the best of luck.

I had a great time with this! Gameplay, art, and music are all great! I had a minor issue with the game skipping a frame every now and again (I tried messing with some settings but it didn't fix the issue). Regardless it didn't take away from the experience too much. Highly recommend if you enjoy the gameplay of Secret of Mana, and the aesthetics of Stardew Valley! Props to the developers, will absolutely be keeping an eye in this.

I got exactly what I expected from this one. Writing was great and made for a lot of laughs, it's much longer than I thought! Definitely give it a shot if you're a fan of Jojo. (Joseph best Jojo)

Thanks! Looking forward to it. 

Really enjoyed this game, the combat and gameplay resonated with me. I loved exploring the environment and I can already see some interesting puzzles or secrets with the dimension switching mechanic. Writing is also pretty fun! Thanks for the great experience Team April, will definitely be keeping an eye on this.

This game is such a gem. It's exactly what I wish pokemon was. Each creature has multiple build paths in their skill tree so it's more like a character tthat you get attached to, not to mention the plethora of abilities they give you to traverse environments. The game is already out in early access on Steam, so definitely give it a shot if you haven't!

What a fantastic game with a powerful message. It really captures the feeling of depression and getting over loss. Art and music were really top notch, and I even managed to get all of the endings! (Even though some of them made me feel horrible) Thanks for the experience!

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"Under What?" had me at the visuals and music. I really love the art style and the chill aesthetic the game gives off while playing it! The game definitely has you thinking by the end (and probably not coming to any concrete answers if you're like me). Give it a shot if you like chill atmosphere and philosophical questions!

This was a neat experience! I'm always down for more Roguelikes, and this one felt particularly great to play. Definitely brought some new mechanics to the table with the head switching, and I liked being able to switch on the fly! I can't say much about the keyboard controls, but controller felt great. Really cool idea and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing more! 

This game was really neat! The art is fantastic and the atmosphere is significantly creepy. It has a lot of neat imagery that I won't spoil, and was all around a really fun experience. Can't wait to see more!

Wow this game is fantastic, definitely the best free game I've played on Itch so far. If you're thinking about trying it, DO IT. I thoroughly enjoyed myself the whole way through; everything was on point from dialogue, to atmosphere, to gameplay! It's insane that this was all made by one person, props to you Nickolas Mey! I'm definitely keeping my eye on this one and I made sure to sign up for any additional demos. 

This was a neat little adventure, I was particularly interested in the lore between the bug creatures and the vassals. The PS1 aesthetic was definitely nailed down, great job!

This was a neat game to play. Interesting idea and setting, and zombies are a lot scarier when you have a musket instead of an automatic rifle! (I'm too dumb to know what a powder charge is.) I couldn't quite beat the boss, but I did get close a few times. Best of luck with continued development on this game!

What a nice experience, I've only gotten about 30 minutes in but I really liked what I saw! (Music was especially amazing) So many references and great jokes along with wonderful atmosphere. Can't wait to see what the rest of act 1 has to show me, and can't wait for the release of act 2!

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What a ride, this game was great for a variety of reasons. Beautiful art, great writing, and showcasing a lot of underrepresented ideas in games (hooray for pride flags!). I managed to get two of the endings and had a fantastic time with the game, thank you!

Thank you so much for making something in this art style! It's so under utilized. The game looks beautiful and is great to play, can't wait for a full release! (I'm especially excited to hop back into Paper Mario combat)

Thanks for the great demo! The mechanics were fun and led to some interesting puzzles (that I had a hard time with), but nevertheless enjoyed! I can't wait for a full release. Best of luck!

What an absolutely gorgeous game! Thanks so much for working in this, I was hooked from beginning to end! Can't wait for a full release!

Thanks for the neat experience! Please had great atmosphere that really had me feeling unnerved the entire time; the mechanical soundscape definitely gave me Silent Hill vibes. Great job!

What a great experience. I was never too into adventure games, but a few really stood out to me. This one just felt great to play and the art style really reminded me of Another World. Props to the developers, can't wait for the full release!

Thanks for your hard work! The game was great to play and definitely scared me. I managed to make it all of the way to the end! Can't wait for a full release Aiaz!

Had fun with this little game, was a wild ride. Thanks for your work!

Really enjoyed this one. It was SO nice to see an ATB gauge again after so long! Can't wait for the full release if you decide to do it! I made a small video on the game, hopefully I get to play through the whole thing one day.

Thanks for your work Siltocyn! I really enjoyed the demo (although I didn't fully complete it.) We need more games in this genre on PC! I made a small video on the game, I wish you luck and can't wait for a full release!