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This is such a wild idea, but it works super well! It's neat to explore something most people know well in a totally different context. Will be interested in seeing what the full game is like, props to the developer!

This was awesome! Love the inspiration from classics like Dragon Quest, and the humor was top notch! I found myself laughing at almost all dialogue. The art and music were also phenomenal, all around just a fantastic little adventure for anyone that has about an hour and likes old JRPGs! Props to the developers! P.S. 3-Man is the best.

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Had a bit of trouble understanding how everything worked at first, but once I did everything was great. Pretty neat idea, and some of the puzzles definitely stumped me! Props to the developer!

I've had this on my Steam wishlist for quite a while, but never got around to playing the demo! I absolutely love any media that has a small character, in a large human world (I.E Bug Fables, Supraland, Tales of Despereaux). You can just do so many cool things with it, and this game NAILS that feeling for me! Turning mundane human locations into sprawling dungeons or important areas is such a neat idea, and I love the lore that the game establishes so far. Definitely cannot wait for the full release of this, do yourself a favor and play the demo. Massive props to the developer!

Ooo! Can't wait for that, thanks for letting me know!

This was super fun! The art was adorable, and it was such a chill little adventure. A few of the puzzles really stumped me, but nothing too bad. Props to the developers, I'd totally play a few hours long game based on this premise!(Also wow, pulling out the headphones was SUPER cruel)

I have Thalassophobia, so this was basically the worst idea I've ever had (aside from playing both Subnauticas). This legitimately terrified me! Staring into the infinite dark void of the deep is something that just makes my brain activate survival mode, so this game was hard to get through. But I did it, and it was fun! Definitely recommend if you like short horror games. Props to the developer!

I couldn't even imagine the work that goes into it, so I can definitely believe it haha. Was a very fantastic ride regardless!

This was very adorable! I wasn't sure how I'd do with platforming on my keyboard at first, but it was incredibly smooth. The music was quite a bop to listen to, and the art was super cute. I didn't expect upgrades at all, so they really mixed things up as well! Props to the developers!

This was super fun! Absolutely adorable art and a neat idea. I got stuck a few times, but nothing too bad. Fun little twist as well! I want the demon kitty. Props to the developers!

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I always have a good time with investigation/detective games and this one leans into that in a great way. Cute character designs and areas that explore what a world filled with bugs is like! The writer certainly loves their puns (there were so many good ones)! Props also for having an NB character!

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What a neat game! It had some really cool atmosphere, and exploring the world just felt really fun. I love when games just throw you in. I also never knew snails could move that fast! Props to the developers, onto the wishlist it goes!

Was so excited to play the new demo for this! I played the original demo years ago, so it was interesting to see how much the game has progressed. Lots of new stuff has been added (like our adorable partner), and the art is so cute! Can't wait to see the full release, keep up the great work.

Thanks so much for the great demo!

I was super excited to play this once I saw it had a demo, and it was everything I hoped for! The environments look beautiful (I really like the 3D!), combat seems fun, and I'm really digging the way you have multiple weapons with different types. It adds a different flavor to the paper mario-esque combat! I didn't manage to get through everything in the demo (I think), but I'm in love with what I've seen so far. Props for making another great PM inspired indie game! Will definitely be supporting this on release.


Sounds great! Can't wait to see more!

This was super fun! I really enjoy match 3 games (even though I'm horrible at them)! Especially if they have some visual novel mechanics with them. Extra points for a lofi focus as well. Always happy to support games with great representation too, very excited for the full release!

You're welcome, thanks for creating something so neat!

Haha, that's a good reason to leave it out! The painting is pretty much a meme at this point. Fantastic work!

This was an absolute treat to play! The characters and writing were fantastic, and I'm pretty enamored with the story so far. But the art is what impressed me the most, everything is just so pretty. The charm mechanic is super interesting, and I love how easy it is to go back to different points to make new decisions! Definitely looking forward to a full release of this, props to the developers!

This was such an awesome experience! It's such a fantastic idea, can't believe it hasn't been done before. It took me a bit to get the hang of things, but once I did it felt great. The atmosphere and everything was super on point. Already wishlisted on Steam, can't wait to see more!

This was absolutely fantastic. It really scratched that classic horror itch, you nailed the aesthetic and atmosphere perfectly! It feels like the perfect blend of Silent Hill and RE, and I really enjoy the more puzzle oriented approach. It's nice being able to walk into the halls without worrying about constantly dodging enemies while I solve a puzzle! Can't wait to see the full release for this, I'll definitely play the whole game!

This seems super cool so far! I didn't encounter any combat, but the aesthetic and world-building has me super interested. Props to the developer! Can't wait to see more of this.

This was super fun! Can't wait to see more. I'm a massive fan of Paper Mario and more recently Bug Fables. This scratched the same itch! I love the underwater world, and can see some cool stuff being done with it. Props to the developers!

This was super cool! I have a deathly fear of the deep ocean, but this was great to play! The message about pollution was great as well, being at the bottom and seeing the MOUNDS of trash really drove home what our oceans probably look like. The art and general tone was absolutely great. Super looking forward to this! Definitely play this if you enjoy Little Nightmares/Inside/Limbo. Props to the devs!

This was super cool! Absolutely stellar art and soundtrack. I'm a sucker for a rainy day and chill music. The characters and story seems neat so far as well! Will definitely be keeping an eye on this. Props to the developer! Especially since you accomplished this on your own, that's amazing. You're very talented!

We thought the same thing lol! I was so confused for a bit there.

This was super neat! I've had this on my Steam wishlist for a bit, I'm always looking for more roguelikes to play and this one has quite an interesting world. Can't wait for the full release!

Thanks! Can't wait.

This was a super fun adventure! I love 3D collect-a-thons, and am super happy with the amount of indies that are trying to keep them alive now. This has a lot of promise in both the world, and gameplay. It feels super fluid, and the environments are beautiful. Props to the developer, I can't wait to see more!

This was a neat adventure! All of the art was great, and I found myself getting more and more interested in the world as it progressed. I've also never seen a librarian uniform that looked that cool? So props for that! Super interesting little adventure, will definitely be checking out more of your work sometime!

This was absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of a lot of flash games I've played, and definitely Untitled Goose Game! I love how you get different powers and it's more level based. Each level is like a puzzle you can solve a few different ways. Being able to make your own cloud face was a great touch. Definitely wishlisted this, props to the developers!

This was really cool! I found myself really getting involved in the world-building. The combat was fun while keeping it simple, and I really like the idea of multiple weapons at a time (hooray for fist weapons!) I'm interested to see more, can't wait for a full release!

Super fun if you're into character action, metroidvanias, or even soulslikes! It's a neat mixture of quite a few things. The art and music are great, and there's a good mixture of gameplay in the demo. Definitely recommended! 

This was neat! I'm super into Metroidvanias and especially love Hollow Knight, so this was nice to play. I ran into a bit of an issue at the end, but other than that everything was great. The humor in particular reminded me of the Conker games. 

This was such a nice little card RPG that has a lot of neat things going on. You play as a witch that gets the ability to deal with demons, which thus makes you the go to for all demon problems in the area. Combat is handled with cards or "words" that allow you to use different abilities to defeat demons. But dialogue and quests require that you read folk stories and talk to characters so you can learn all there is to know about demons. There's frequent knowledge checks where you get free XP if you've been paying attention. Overall a neat idea, can't wait for the full release!

I felt so stupid once I realized that! Glad you enjoyed, thanks for the cool experience!