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i am on windows 32 too and works perfectly fine for me so its prob something you are doing wrong

I read your reply and thank you  i appreciate your effort into reading comments to make the game better merry christmas to you too

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now that i read my 2nd post again damn i write a lol i hope ur not bored to read lol

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1.Idk if u have thought of this but maybe a pvp? where the arena will be bigger than the sandard arena and the players can just use whatever skills they want?

2. maybe a creative mode? where u can draw ur own monsters and animations with an editor and maybe give them abilities from the player's arsenal.

3.Like have different ability types? Some Support some Defensive some Aggresive (this could work with lets say W being ur attack spells and Q being ur support/defensive spells.

4.Leveling up spells. I would either see this being like u find an area with a chest and if u keep that chest "Alive" until the end and then u get some sort of token to level up ur spell or when u kill enemies u get coins to upgrade ur spells

5.Add companions that would act either with them being at the side giving u buffs or being in the arena fighting with you.

6.Maybe instead of buffing basic attack u make the player able to unlock new basic attacks kind of how u unlock new spells

7.In some levels u can save a "shopkeeper" from some enemies and if u succeed u will be able to buy spells that u want from him

8.Maybe arnor? armor that you would apply on your character to give him/her buffs like regen 10 health on hit or take less damage

Thats all my ideas for the game that i feel like arent too op or too dumb to be added

Oh yea also the enemy's hits feel balanced none are too fast or too slow or do too much damage or too low damage.

great game i would love to see a full release in the future :D

ok lemme tell u what i like about the game

1.The difficulty is at the right place where u die a couple times but then u get familiar with the controls and stuff and u start to do well

2.Art styke us epic it is pixelated but sometimes u forget that and u feel like the game is not pixelated idk how to explain that feeling

3.Health is at the right place u never feel like something has too much health or too low health everything is good

4.The skills u unlock feel rewarding because with the skill system u always will use all of ur skills

now lemme tell u what i dont like about the game

1.The basic attack is pretty much useless (for me at least) i never used it cuz its low damage and if ur moving slows firerate too soo yea maybe buff it?

2.I get that this is a demo but rn the paths feel all the same i took all the paths and yea didnt feel any difference

3.The ability that fires fireballs all over the tiles (hits u also) is way too fast in my opinion i couldnt dodge any of the fireballs coming my way

That is all i rly like this game and maybe i have more likes and dislikes i didnt mention if i remember any i will reply with extra details :D

There is so much potential in this game

Man i love the concept so much i hope u go in the right direction with this because i want to play it so badly when more content comes out