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Nice animation and art! Seems a lot more polished than your other games. Nice to see steady improvement.

Nice game! I liked the effort put into making sure the controls were well understood.

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Hey Thoof! Always appreciate your very insightful feedback. Thanks for always giving my games a try.

I realize now I should have separated out the controls list in the description to make it more obvious that each dragon has its own set of controls.

Yeah I agree with you - the game in general is a bit too easy. I'm still learning how to make different types of games, so I feel like my next combat or puzzle game will have a bit more depth to it. Stay tuned!

Very enjoyable game. Nice job. What did you use for the cable physics btw?

Love it. What did you use for the rope physics?

Nice game! I think the controls could be improved slightly (maybe bigger arrows to move the objects). Also I would add the controls (mouse and 'R' for reset) in the description. 

Nice game! Great concept. Checkpoints seemed to be placed at the perfect locations. I thought the death clips were funny, too!

Did the edges of the screen look like this? Or were the sides cut off? There was a glitch before which I thought I fixed. It seems as though it is still there on full screen mode but works in windowed mode.

Thanks man. I'm guessing it's because you didn't shoot fire at the candle. I must not have made that obvious enough, oops!

Nice game! I gotta say I really enjoy how all your games have the same aesthetic. I was wondering.. what tools do you use to build your games? 

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback! I didn't have the time to polish the game so I just submitted it once it was minimally playable but I appreciate you pointing out areas I can go back and re-polish the game.

My biggest concern was that people wouldn't understand how to progress in the game; not know how to advance to the next day, not know which seed pertains to which plant, not know to use food on the tank to generate fuel. To my surprise, a lot of people actually played the game to completion! This was probably the thing that caught me off guard the most.

Good fun. I enjoyed the consistent graphics on this game. Seemed very complete.

This has an old school Gameboy vibe which I very much enjoyed.

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This is eye opening because the game runs about 3x faster on my computer. Thanks for playing though! 

Edit: Updated the game to be frame rate independent

What a beautiful game!!

Nice game! Really enjoyed it.

Thanks! Not bad :)


Great game, wow. Very polished and unique concept. Reminds me a bit of Baba is You.  Even found the music to be relaxing and helped me think. Keep up the good work!

With regards to uploading game files (.zip), it seems you can only change the display name of the file, but not the name of the file itself.  When someone downloads one of my games, the file that is downloaded will always be the name of the original file I uploaded. I recently changed the name of one of my games and all the previous .zip files have my old game's name. Was wondering if this is something that can be fixed. Thanks.

I'll finish updating it. Guess what, I took it a step further and renamed the game :) Useful feedback indeed!

That is such a great description I may just steal it :-)

It is a bit hard, but I must say you absolutely nailed the "I Can't Draw" aesthetic.

Cute concept! It seems really polished with the sound effects and overall game flow. As for the non-full screen browser sizing, have you tried the Auto-detect size option in the Embed options section?

Nice game. It feels really feature complete with the mini map and combat system.

Nice job! 

I like the way you randomized the comets so that there was almost always a way out. Only thing is I wish I could have also used up and down keys! Overall nice game though.