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I know it won't be included as part of the bundle itself, but I'd still love to offer Gratia to support the cause.

Hey! I really love this asset bundle. I used it for a game I just released, and it was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks for making it available!

I'd like to transfer Kakatte Koi Yo!, a game I developed with a team and posted to my personal account, to an account for our team. The goal of doing so is to make it more clear that I am not the sole developer, and to better separate finances for the game from my personal projects. I've reached out in various ways over the last six months, and we'll take care of things ourselves as best we can if we aren't able to have it transferred. I appreciate any help any mods or admins have to offer.

I would like to transfer Kakatte Koi Yo! from my page to an itch account for our team. When we started the project, we uploaded it to my account because it was simpler at the time, but with the state of the game at present--particularly given that we're now set to showcase at E3 next month--we need to move it to clarify that I am not the sole developer.  I created a forum topic about 2 months ago regarding this issue and never received feedback beyond an initial "I'll let a mod know." At that point, I had already sent an email three weeks prior, also without response. The account we want to transfer to is Back Slash Games, with which I will reply in the comments to this post. I hope to see greater response the second time around, and I thank you in advance for any help which can be given.

I sent an email to the support team three weeks ago requesting that the project ownership of one of the games on my account be transferred to the new account we created for the team, rather than my personal account. I have yet to receive a response despite the time since the email. Is there a different means by which I should reach out?

Thank you in advance for any reply.