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Cute Game! Awesome Graphics!

Fun game!

Thanks for your feedback! We were also thinking of adding enemies, but we decided against that due to time constraints. :(

We prioritized the score system and the score modifiers rather than content.

If we ever do decide to work on it again, we'll definitely be putting in more enemies. The artist even had two enemies ready, but we couldn't include them in the final game.

Haha, We're pretty much a team of three, but I invited a friend of mine who's never done a gamejam before to come and experience the development of a game! The person threw an idea or two around, and then unfortunately had to go to work for the weekend.

Thanks for your feedback, we appreciate it. I also personally love beating up the baddies.

Hey, no problem. Welcome to game development, you're only going to get better from here :D

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All right, await Bit Smasher 2: Radical, where we include an in-depth progression system, over 100 cosmetics, 10 characters, an award-winning story line, over 4000 weapons, enemies, bosses, 5 levels, and Tony Stark as the voice actor for Michale JJakcson!

Nice game! Feels really arcade-y. Great graphics too!

Was it intended for the camera to shake and turn when the player collides with a wall? That seems to be happening for me. Also, the J and K buttons, which I assume are the "look left" and "look right" buttons turn the camera way too fast.


Yes, I do! I'll put in a comment saying that there are keyboard controls in addition to controller support.

Awesome stuff dude! Is it okay if I use this tileset for my game?

It may be used commercially, but at all points I'll credit you like crazy!

What a great bundle! Will be using this in my game!

Don't worry, I'll credit you more than enough! :D

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Great work! May I use this great tileset for my game?

It might be used for commercial use.

I've also put in your amazing skeleton sprite!

If there's a problem, just tell me and I'll use something else, anytime!