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Oh woah, you're awesome!
Now shut up and take my money xD


Thank you.

Hey hey, glad it worked.
This is how we do things around here, light speed bug fix! :b

Have fun!

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Oh no, a wild bug appears oh noooo. Hahaha don't worry, we'll get you back running in no time!

I couldn't recreate your specific problem, but I implemented a couple highly probable fixes and prevention against this bug.
Please, be sure to backup your save files, you know, just in case (the "save" folder inside the "www" folder in the game directory).

Also, let me know if it worked and, if it didn't.

Oh, by the way, I'm glad you've been enjoying the game!


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Hi, do you have car sprites? Your pack is almost perfect for the game I want to make

Yes, they do!

Hey, thank you! I hope you enjoy it.
By the way, I just pushed a new build with fixes and some improvements!

Cool! I'm almost sure I checked the credits too back in the time.

Anyway, your art is great, keep it up! 

Well you're credited as the creator of the chipsets in the Wolf RPG Editor, thought they were the same :D

Finally! I loved the art in one way heroics

Thank you!

Hey, I just bought this pack but it lacks a license file. I'd like to know more about it.

Hey, thanks for the answer

Hey, I like your work!
Can you tell me which tiles have autotile format?

Good to know, I'll keep an eye :D

Great stuff!
If you happen to come up with an addon pack with more fantasy monsters and heroes, that'd be perfect for me ;]

Thank you!

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Hey, do you also have snow tiles? I couldn't find them.

Also, what's the licence?

Oh, I meant the Construct 2 plugin... but thanks anyway [:

Hey, do tou still have the rot.js plugin? If you don’t mind, you can send me a DM on Twitter: @biterkid.

I appreciate it!

Thank you for these words, it's really inspiring to read your comment.

I have some ideas to improve the log, like hiding it during dialogs, and maybe add some popup texts. Time will tell :D

Of course! You can use up to 16 letters to name the main character :b

Sim eu vi :D

Hehehe deve ser chato mesmo, ainda mais sendo tantos tiles assim.

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Aah bem da hora. Apesar de que eu prefiro o estilo de paredes original (seu), represetado por apenas um tile. 

Eu não estou usando no RPG Maker, mas vai ser bacana ter a opção.

Gostei bastante da sua arte, espero ver mais.

Boa sorte!

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Muito bom.

Ontem eu passei o dia todo editando os seus pacotes de arte passando para o formato do RPG Maker '-'

Parece que vou ter que editar mais ainda... (sigh) pelo menos vai valer a pena haha.

Se você quiser posso enviar meus edits, talvez ajude a concluir os outros pacotes em menos tempo.
Ah, só que eu passei eles para 32x32...

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Oh the guy behind Roguemance are you! I didn't realize that... I keep seeing your game on twiiter, it looks awesome! 

I thought I was following you before though... well I'm now :b

Also, I thought about adding something like a tavern to Dragonward, like a hub to get missions and improving the character, But I realized people would get easily bored anyway... I think the game style in general would fit mobile better.

EDIT: forgot to say, I'm from Minas

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Sadly I did not. The main influence for the fixed direction in Dragonward came from One Way Heroics. I have a particular interest for roguelike games, and that's also the reason why my game is turn based.

I could not play your game because I'm at work right now, but I saw a video and it looks really nice.

Something cool I found about it is that on the first prototype of Dragonward, it also had some HP increasing and restoring items scattered on the ground. So it was even closer to Eastward Quest than it is now. [:

One more coincidence: I'm brazillian too :b

Thank you for your awesome gameplay video and support to all the indiedev community.

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Dragonward is on sale for the Halloween event.

Enjoy the special price and have fun! :D

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Hey, thanks for playing Dragonward! I'm glad that you found some joy in it.

The game actually features more content, it has more stages with different rules for the resources and a bit of variance on the monsters behaviors, and dungeons that makes it harder for surviving.

Also, choosing different answers for the events (question marks) may spice things as the outcome can change, and there's a trade off in between chance and reward (including bad things) according to the one you pick.

I hope you don't give up yet [:


Awesome! Thank you so much!


Dragonward is a retro-inspired arcade game with focus on resource management.

It features a simple yet beautiful 4 colors pixel art and remarcable chiptune music.

You're a newbie traveler on the road to the dragon's nest. Your objective is to slay the dragon, save the realm and, of course, become The Dragon Slayer! Sorry no ladies in distress here.


  • Walk a lot;
  • See a beautiful word;
  • Fight fearsome monsters;
  • Live odd events;
  • Make choices to survive;
  • Save money for the lunch;
    • Or lose it on a dice game
  • Cook on the firepit;
  • Venture in dangerous dungeons;
  • Walk more;
  • Step over deadly traps;
  • Collect mysterious writings;
  • Get stronger;
  • Take some rides with experient people;
  • Beat a fearsome dragon.

Or you'll just die on the first stage. 

It also features an offline score board, so you can compete with the grandpa!

Chek it out:

See you on the road!

Thank you!    [: