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Hey, I've paid the game and would looove to support you.

Some helps:

- Please show us Shotaro and Toshiya in their sport outfits during the club race, they won't do that in their uniforms. Same thing about Noah "without his glasses" who just got shown to us with his glasses on. :P (And Yanagi is nonstop in his running/ jumping stance.)

- About this Momoka girl (if I remember her name correctly) has once been mentioned that Shotaro knew her from his highschool times, later it was midschool. Maybe this happened due to the fact that you shoved the highschool setting over to be a college setting instead now.

- There are other mistakes. I remember a weird "the his [...]" term at the beginning. Also the college is sometimes called "Yunan" and sometimes "Yuunan". There are more language issues, maybe because you were Japanease. A native English speaking person should look over it to help you (sadly I'm German *lol*).

Nevertheless please keep up the good work. <3 I'm already in love with it!!