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Aaa, thank you so much!

Thank you so much! I was trying to convey that vibe, I'm so glad it came across well. Thanks for playing!

Ha, yeah, I also have VX Ace and so I used some of the graphics from it! But I much prefer the mapping style of XP, so I prefer to make my games in it.

Sorry for the delayed reply! I used RPG Maker XP.

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First of all, sorry for the late response! Both of the characters are intended to be nonbinary - not boys or girls! I tried to pick names that could be associated with any gender. As a result, their names don't necessarily match the way they dress.

thank you so, so much! this is exactly the sort of feelings i was trying to convey, i'm so glad to know i succeeded and that you enjoyed it! thanks for taking the time to leave this comment, too!

I first picked up this game because I read the first line of the description and immediately thought, "this sounds like some of my favorite pairings from RPGs, ooops!" Miscommunication and the possibility to solve it is most of the appeal to me, so a game that focuses on that deliberately? Sign me up!

And I was not disappointed in the slightest. In fact, I was pleasantly surprised by a game I was already expecting to love! I've played through most of the relationships, though I've only succeeded in mending about half, and it's been a delightful time. This took such a unique, clever spin on a fairly common trope, and visited it in such creative and unexpected ways. 

I was expecting the answers to be really obvious, but they're not; you do really have to think and puzzle your way through what works best for each couple! It makes it a fun challenge, perfect for replay-ability, which the randomized feature already does a great job at. For a fairly short game, you pack a lot of development into it. These characters all felt well developed, which works well for a game about messy relationships, and I found myself adoring all of them. (Jeska, I think, is my favorite, though.)

Thank you for such a charming, fun game!