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I like the general idea, and the sound and visuals are pretty good!

Perhaps there needs to be something more in the end. I like the twist, but maybe it needed to be revealed more gradually (or be hinted at more from previous scenes (maybe I just missed some hints, but still)), and also perhaps have some final image/more text at the very end that explain better what happened (for the simple minded like me :P ). The twist idea in general is quite awesome though! Good job!

I like how the music/visuals change the more stressed you are! It's a cool concept in general.

One thing that I think might be improved is the UX. Somehow it doesn't feel natural to use. For some actions you need the mouse, and for others - the keyboard. Perhaps it would be better to make everything keyboard controllable? Or maybe change the ratio so that one needs to press more keys on the KB and click fewer things with mouse? Right now I feel like I'd be faster if I can just use the keyboard, and that the constant switch between mouse and kb, as well as some animations are slowing me down. This raises my IRL stress! :D

Simple and cool. I both like and dislike how sometimes the same key does 2 actions. On one hand - I did not expect it and it was super convenient in some cases. On the other - it sometimes doesn't allow you to progress and you have to wait it out. Random idea: maybe add a button that instantly switches to the next combination?
Oh, and sometimes the change happens mid-air, which usually leads to level restart and is not fun.
A timer that shows how much time until next change might generally improve the experience.
In any case, good job! :)

Wow! Very nice idea and nice puzzles. The only problem is that IT'S TOO SHORT, I WANT MORE! :)
Good job!

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Yeah, apparently there is a bug with the draw card.  :(
It was working when I implemented it, I swear! :D
(I can't upload a fix now due to the game jam participation, but will do so after the jam, in a week.)

Do I need to say more? :D

I loved it! It's quite challenging and takes some time to understand how it all works (even though it's just 2 sticks and whatever the third one is called), but when you finally complete it it feels great! Good job! :) Oh, and even when I won, my plane was still totally out of control! :D

Oh wow! This looks amazing and the puzzles are great! Good job! :) Don't know how you made that in 2 days. :O

Hey, at least my game got compared to Hearthstone, right? :D

And yeah, I didn't have time to make a proper balance pass, although it could just be that the game's core idea is too random and can't be balanced in a good way. I plan to explore that later this month or next. :)

(A strategy that seems to work very often for me (at least in the first levels) is to just cast everything on the enemy. Not too exciting, I know :D )

A pretty cool concept overall, but the voice acting elevates it to another level! :D 


The idea of tweaking the chances is to allow you to have higher control of the situation.
For example, you can lower the trigger chance of your defensive cards and then you can target the enemies and hope that your higher chance attack cards will trigger on them and the heals will be left for the final turns and you can cast them on yourself with 100% certainty.
Or, if you lower your character's target chance, you can play your attack cards first in hopes that they'll target the higher chance enemies.
I was working on an update to make it more visible through color-coding the chances, but couldn't upload it in time. In the uploaded version it is slightly annoying to have to read all the chances to come up with the optimal plan.

("haphazard" - first time I'm seeing that word, but I think it describes my game jam dev very well :D )

Thanks! I'm glad that you liked it. :) I'm planning to give it 1-2 weeks of full time dev towards the end of this month. Hopefully something cool will come out of it.

As for the update I mentioned, it was just a short intro scene and color-coding to the trigger/target chances which I believe made it much easier to "see" what has highest chance of happening (without reading the chances and thinking). But I'll upload it once the voting period is over.

Glad that you like it! :)
Agreed about the music. Sound and visual effects would also be nice, but one can only do so much in 48 hours. I'm definitely doing next jam in a team! :)
(And just to clarify, the art is from the Unity Asset Store.)

Thanks! :) I am considering putting some more time in it, to see if I can turn it into an actual releaseable project.

I actually was just about to upload a version with an intro, and with some color coding of the chances when the deadline closed. :(