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10/10 would date a supernatural being again

Here's a fanmade Noid time line:

1.  Yo Noid 1: He goes to some hotel or whatever to torment a pizza guy.

2. Avoid the Noid: He torments the pizza guy.

3. Yo noid 2: He goes back to his home only to have his yo-yo magically stolen and yeah.

*Glug* *glug*




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Well if he doesn't have a vr headset he can't.

I really like this game! The only thing that I think you should add is other blackholes that kill you if you try to eat them and some music.

This game is insanely fun and I like the wackiness of the characters and concept.


I like how you take the theme literally however this game has a few flaws. The gui is very messy and squished, the game is waaayyyyy to easy, and the game starts instantly which means you have to quickly look at the description before the bed bugs get to you. Hope this helps with your future games.

Pretty fun although turning could be a bit smoother.

Pretty good however the controls feel a bit stiff.

You don't, you just dodge the bosses attacks until some box appears that allows you to leave on collision.

I agree with all of those. I am going to be making an after jam version and I'll try to use those criticisms in it.

I like the idea of having you (the player) bug out this damn cookie thief and screwing him over. Good job!

You think a combat mechanic would be cool eh? Well I do plan on making an after jam version of the game that's a bit longer so maybe you will see that there but don't get your hopes up.

Pretty fun! Bouncing on the spikes was fun, jumping infinitely was fun, and I like the sort of wackiness of the game overall. Good job! I feel like the flung by spikes thing in the game could also be expanded on for a bigger game that has it as the main core.

Pretty good but it's a bit too short and the hit boxes can be odd some times (especially on level 2). I feel this has potential to become a pretty alright puzzler so try to expand on this gimic a bit for a future game maybe.

It's overall a pretty good game. The games difficulty makes you want to try again next time as it is sorta hard which is something you can't really say for a lot of jam games. Overall I would give it either an 8/10 or a 7/10.

Good luck to you too!

So pretty much I have finished the main part of my game (aka the "levels" and boss) already since the game itself is pretty short (if you don't try to find the secrets) and was pretty simple to make. All I really need to do now is to make music, make art  for the game page, and get a web gl build of the game. I have decided to do those things tomorrow but a sort of large chunk of my brain is like "Come on man! Do it now! You have time don't you?" however since I have made about 99% of the game and just want to have a break for the rest of the day and work on that stuff tomorrow, I have to like fight my temptations and stuff.

Thought it would be fun to make a little post that's a little entertaining and to show how addicting making games can be to the people who have not made their first game yet.

I have no problems! The gameplay is fun, the graphics give me n64 and ps1 vibes and I find Santa shooting out presents at the houses really funny (especially when I imagined that Santa shoots out the presents with a gun)!

Aside from the games slow pacing, this game is pretty good! The arts cute, it has replayibilty if you miss some of the colletables and the game utilyses all of the moveset.


Same. This is my first game jam

Wish you luck fellow game developers!

Now this game is nice however there is one issue (this might be an issue I am only having) it hides the cursor! This makes it way harder to shoot the stickmen coming to the wall.