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i love jellicube's games so much! they're so cute and i definitely recommend this game!

It's a cute game definitely worth playing, but the true ending was so anticlimactic. It was so short that it felt like nothing had been resolved AT ALL, it was just like all the bad endings. Super disappointing, like no prologue or ANYTHING.

I downloaded the game and I don't know which files to open  to play! Please help!

I love thuis game so much! I couldn't stop laughing at parts because it's just too funny, its also moving and you really root for and become best friends with every character, amazing!

IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS GAME-it's so well written and all the characters are so fleshed out that you can't help but love them. The protagonist you play as is also relateable and it really makes you feel immersed in the game. So many path branches you can chose to do, and overall just an amaxing, well drawn, funny game thats super insanely fun to play. 

I usually get bored of visual novels pretty quickly but this game is so investing that I couldn't stop playing, The story is incredible and even when you think you might know where the story will go next you really don't, I very strongly reccommend this game, it's the perfect blend of everything! Amazing experience

Sriously an amaxing game, super fun and funny-plus im in love with the art style. 100% reccomend!!