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This is a really challenging yet unique game! The time limits were a little strict and I think it would benefit greatly from better viewing controls like panning. But overall a really interesting concept! I can imagine this concept being used in a more casual setting like following blueprints exactly to create large voxel structures.

Good job! :D

I really really like the artistic style of the game, it's simple yet it reminds me of Zineth (Arcane Kids) or some pieces of album art.

While it's essentially just rock paper scissors it's a good version of it. With a lot of charm!

Great work!

Thank you so much for playing! The difficulty in aiming was definitely intended, though there will an option to help with aiming in the future if I decide to polish the game alongside some SFX and music :D

I actually adore this game, combining multiple upgrades and making your crab(s) and strong as possible was a lot of fun. Some powerups are definitely more advantageous than others, but overall I really this! The music was certainly pokemon inspired (confirmed after seeing that incredible crab intro) and fit the overall fun theme of the game. The graphics were charming and simple too.

Fantastic work! I hope you'll all continue to produce more in the future!

Thank you so much! While the difficulty of ball control was intentional it is a little over-precise at times! I'll look into refining how the ball is hit for future polish! :D

The game made me laugh out loud with the onslaught of thirsty customers, spamming my space bar to keep up with the demand. A rather simple game but entertaining. The sound effects and music were a little loud though.

Nice work! :D

Fantastic game! I remember looking forward to playing this while seeing clips in the discord. Plays very smoothly and the difficulty is rather steep! I do feel like the parry window was rather tight though that my be my own lack of practice! :D

Awesome work! (The music was pretty jamming too)

Thank you very much! The difficulty of the controls were intended and I feel with enough practice one can adjust. A UI which can aim the ball does sound like a good idea to add in the future though in the options or something.

Thank you again for taking the time to play my game! :D

A really solid game concept with very solid excecution! Crushing the crabs feels visceral and fun, and trying to keep a combo going while avoiding the spikes was challenging. The collision did feel slightly odd at times feeling like I had smashed a crab when I hadn't, but overall a great time!

Fantastic work!

Incredibly cute and charming game! I made it to about 450 rent due,  utilising the "Double jump" to collect as many fish in one throw as possible. I'd enjoy something against the player, maybe something that takes away money? Though I think the game also benefits from the simplicity.

Overall a pretty fun and simple game! Great work! :D

A cute recreation of Space Invaders, with tight and satisfying controls. The sound effects are great and really add to atmosphere of the game. The graphics while simple are charming and well drawn with a consistent colour palette.

Good work Hugo! I hope to see more of what you have to offer in the future!