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Thanks for sharing this. I hope you are better or, you know, somewhere other, and getting more of non-bottled vitamin D nowadays. Love the color scheme and the soundtrack, those sfxs are crisp! The little notification icon on the music folder makes all the difference, neat solution! Thanks for the reminder for the meds AND the taxes. Please make a cosplaying game next ok bye

Yeah, it was difficult to choose between letting you hear what is said in relative peace or motivating you to shut everything off :) We plan to balance after the voting ends!

Can't be the pigeons, because those aren't real !

Loved this! I could read everything and what I read was hilarious! winkwink Enjoyed the beat and the artstyle a lot.

Thanks! It actually stops increasing after a while, bad time management resulted in less time for balancing that :)))

Yeeeah, we intended for everyone to be able to listen and enjoy the sound experience, but should have reserved more time for balancing for sure!

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This was awesome! Really enjoyed everything, the story and the deteriorating music along the way... The climb down from the volcano was a great reveal. The animations of the characters are beautifully unsettling!

Beautiful! Can't shake the feeling everyone lies in this game and I should make my own almanac :) Nice glass clanking sounds. Was fun, great job!

I like the whole notebook and making connections thing you have there, looking for the clues was a bit of a pixel hunt, would be nice to show what is interactable. The visuals are very cool, though!

very enjoyable to read, I had a good laugh, thanks! Had a lot of hamsters too. +1

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DIRECT NEWS: I am biased and really enjoy typing games, please include more of that if you are going to continue with this! I am intrigued and looking forward to the rest of the story!

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those tweets! I laughed. I had trouble with understanding what I decided at first and what the red and green colors meant (like was I correct in leaving the tweet or was I correct in busting the bird etc.), but censoring the network and reading the results was fun anyway!

what a nice comment on how we work with search results! Have I been eating olives wrong all my life??

2020 angery feelings validator sim 2000/2020. Loved it.

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really enjoyed the perspective you chose! Also the game over scene :')

pew pew the hatch was no problem for the ultimate weapon. I enjoyed the pew sound effect and the narrative framing, wish there would have been more :)

I love that you based this on Stroop effect, Stroop effect rules! My brain fried

what a pleasant interpretation of the disinformation theme! Very frustrating but I will take that challenge!

Aw, thanks! That one hits pretty hard, awesome creation!

Hi, generators, please feel free to post your generated speeches and comment on how they impact your life!

Stay healthy, stay moody

Thank you! I think I will leave Odie to live his happy life, but that doesn't mean I won't create another deeply disturbingly happy world for others to enjoy :)