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the combat system is pretty fun! I like the variety in weapons and enemies and their behavior.  The controls just need more snap and polish. The bomb is just lol in a very good way.

The environment art is pretty cool! I enjoy the orangey chasms (or mountains?) outside the station and that going inside is smooth and expands the play area in a natural way. I was not sure how to interact with things, so I kept dying of hunger. I think I missed the controls somewhere. Was trying to find a way to cook and eat the potato for a long time but all I managed was to make a huge potato pile outside :D 

I like the concept and that you can apply different actions to a one event card, but the UI and how it all works was a bit confusing for me. Found out only after a few attempts that I can bring more stuff on the ship than the three default options :) why is the cat picture not in the game??? EXPLAIN

I enjoy that any action the player does has to be to the beat! Even jumping, if I got that correctly. I could not seem to grasp the rhythm very well, showing the beat visually in multiple ways and places could help to stay in rhythm. (like the environment "pulsing" or sth). The character art is interesting and I like the death animation a lot.

thats a design choice, argh!!! :)) albeit, not executed quite well - we could have left the page mostly blank so everyone could avoid fomo.

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you gave me a gun and a hallway and I destroyed that hallway, made disco and crashed the chandeliers and plants and everything, cool that you made the items destroyable! Sorry to see this is not finished, the art is pretty cool and reminds me of Commander Keen a bit.

It was a bit difficult to know when enemies hit me, so I decided to do the run-through everything-and -dont-look-back method and it was surprisingly effective. When I got tot he fire monster the game crashed due to the bug you already mentioned, I presume, but it was so sudden and it made me laugh from all the adrenaline  :) The art is very simple yet effective and pretty! The music fits well! 

I kept running into walls and losing my keys in them haha! The "press E to open your eyes" at the start is a simple way of informing the player that interaction is done with that key, I like that!

Wow, someone drew an entire pack of cards?? They are pretty cool. I think it would be cool to have some ways to influence my card hand or do some bluffing maybe! to make it more of a poker like experience (maybe....having an option to discard one card, but you would have to show it to the opponent and such?) . Could work for a real life pub game + bluffs + poker faces, but without the finger cutting ideally :)

omg I just missed the opportunity to say I made a yikes in dykes on hykes.. Faux pas yikes

I made a faux pas and packed only one sock :) Not sure what some of the objects are, but imo are all absolutely essential for the hike, anyway, guessing was part of the fun.

the intro is gold and the voiceover gives the game spice, that was a great decision!! I found the game way too harsh after there's two or more enemies coming at you from nowhere at the same time, maybe a sprint option would help in dodging? One of the lines  at the start of gameplay (something like "this creature is ready...") helped me understand what I was supposed to do, if that was intentional, as a tutorial of sorts, that's cool and you are cool!

The collages are so pretty and I like the edge vs middle controls idea! Something about the gameplay really compliments the old school gaming theme. I enjoyed the way the player ball moved around corners - very smooth curves! I

I had to redo the first stage a few times, but after a few tries I was lucky to make it to the next ones, which are all significantly easier. I am glad I did, because the ending line was pretty funny :) The luck element makes the game feel unfair and it's a shame that people may not get to the other parts of the game. Maybe you could create the feeling of floating aimlessly in away that players feel more in control? For example the cell could jump streams (with different speed) to get ahead? Or line up the food to the cell trajectory and make it about reflexes.

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why bubble game so hard aaaaaaa!!! I would not think to make so many minigames in one jam, cause it's scary, congrats! More? :) I like the idea with building a dream castle, that was pretty cute. Removing the tiles was way too punishing for me and my slow reflexes haha gugu gaga.

The puzzles are quite fun and creative! I just wish I had known beforehand I could take back the cards I already placed. It seemed like an unfair challenge to have to place all cards in order, but I saw in the comments that there is an option to right click the tile to return the card in your hand - awesome! The idea with the "card row" would also work well, I think!

This idea is neat! I appreciated the music, it fit very well. The plane animation is COOL and the controls are satisfying. I wish there was something to do with the map afterwards in the game, maybe if you drew badly, ships would get lost ? :) but can't imagine how to decide when a map is good and when it starts being not useful :)

Omg the map is so huge... I just looked at the screenshots and I didn't even GLIMPSE any water bodies haha! I really enjoy how death and restart is narratively explained, made me laugh the first time I had to start again! Petted doggo, some snakes and other animals and died of eating a bunch of fruits - violet pears good and yellow pears bad??? How could you?? Overall an enjoyable experience! Neat animation and menu transitions. Top hairstyles.

fantastic period piece! I love figuring out little language systems! Also CATS BREAKING SHIT. Please add more levels lol

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The atmosphere of this is so easy to approach and stay in and float around.  Everything fits together so nicely (cool font)! Please add more little stone sounds when looking for pebbles at the start! 🦶

Understandable! I am running on a 6yo fragile boi, but it can still play a few games. Aha! I love cheats, will try thx! 

yay, looking forward to it! Keep the bar filling feature! :D Happy you enjoyed the little thing we made <3 None of us are pixel artists, so hard to call it truly pixelart, maybe that has something to do with you liking it :D

The title is awesome!  I would love to see more of Hynek's story.  Really like the idea with the instructions - the changes not only of the content of the law but also from DO and DON'T were entertaining!

I had some trouble with performance on my laptop, so catching the unstamped quick green citizens became hard mode at some point and I could not continue for too long due to low fps. The visuals have good style and I really enjoyed the win/lose camera shenanigans. Makes losing feel like Hynek would be in big trouble with the higher ups! Oh no!

Beautiful game with a fitting soundtrack! I appreciate a map with no gps locator (not irony)!

Some of the later patterns were pretty difficult for me, I think if the dots and ASD buttons were the same size, it would make it easier to guess the rhythm? Was missing the "excellent" positioning typical for rhythm games. Had fun anyway! I actually wish I could spend much more time (than required to empty the meter) with each music totem to hear and enjoy the rhythm properly. The fact that opening the map fills up the meter is a nice touch, you monsters!!

Ahaha the intro was much appreciated! Simple and fun, my score was 126 but then I got distracted by the cute senpai sounds oh well!

The storytelling in this is <3 everything fits together into one great VIBE. The flower being stationary is a really nice touch! I think it would be awesome if you could "fail" the puzzle of combining the brush into some other weird shapes :) 

ahahah this was colorful and fun! I think our games may share an extended inspiration universe! What time is it??! ⚔️🌈🧁

I loved the surprise hug! A pleasant change from monsters as enemies :) The environment is beautiful and super COOL (ha ha)

I enjoyed the narrative around this :D gives it a truly special friendly vibe :)

I like the idea behind this - the three zone control system looks like lots of fun possibilities to play around with designwise. The intro is very cool, and of course, the spaceship <3

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love the use of gifs and emojis! breaks up the texts and feels fresh. I was intrigued the whole time. Thank you for something different and enjoyable! Also what's up with the second partner? :oooooo

awesome math puzzle! I think I got it! :D

Thanks for the ultra low version, I feel seen! :D was fun to play around. How do I make the spheres interact with each other?

Lovely animations and simple and satisfying sounds as feedback for input. The game restart on fail takes from the experience a bit, but I am sure that is easily mitigated! On the third puzzle, I was hesitant to click anything because I did not want to start over. Managed to figure out multiple plausible solutions for the first puzzle, WHY this one, explain??? :)

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The drawing alone was pretty enjoyable! I did not manage to win, though. Need to get better at being a heathen! Apparently, coloring in all the circles on the scroll is not the correct solution?? >:)

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Similarly already said here, I like that the sudoku map fills up as you explore, but am bad at sudoku :)) The hand drawn flowers are beautiful, I think they would stand out more if they were BIGGER in the next installment!

cactus rules!

Wonderful! I escaped to town but am still thinking about the bridge puzzle! On my second playthrough I threw a stick too close to a scalable object and then lost it after scaling that object up :) Thank you, it was fuN!

Thanks for sharing this. I hope you are better or, you know, somewhere other, and getting more of non-bottled vitamin D nowadays. Love the color scheme and the soundtrack, those sfxs are crisp! The little notification icon on the music folder makes all the difference, neat solution! Thanks for the reminder for the meds AND the taxes. Please make a cosplaying game next ok bye

Yeah, it was difficult to choose between letting you hear what is said in relative peace or motivating you to shut everything off :) We plan to balance after the voting ends!