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pls tell me that there will be an update soon with urethral stuff and ball inflation maybe

sweet game cant wait to see more from you

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awsome game but one thing if a girl (the left door) stands at ur door and u close it u can only see her standing there if u open the door again pls change that so u can see it if someone is there through the light at the window like i the original game

will there also be a male version ?it would be awsome for example it could be an extra lvl or so cause te monster needs to eat the cum to survive or so

is ovipositor a thing here ?it would be awsome to impregnate them or milking girls and boys

sad that the full version is not allowed in germany  cause when i visit the steam site it says it is not aviabale in my coutry

i love stuff like this but i rly love portals now think of it she cant do anything because the portal is stuck

love it pls keep up the good work

rly god damit but does the artist make other games?

nice game but it would be nice to show the player what buttons he has to use

bullshit that such games cost money

love stuff like this

this side need more miking games

ur newest game doesnt work i get always a error massege

when will the next update come ?

ok beacause i thought u stopped the game cause there wasnt any updates for a long time 

so ur still working on the game ?

we need sad music or music that  make u feel the emotions for the sad scenes pls 

finaly some updates took long enough but its nice and worth to wait

hey are u still active pls say yes

hey when willl the next update come out its been a while

is it normal to be in spanish?

how can i download it i mean i can download it but when i do it it becomes a VLC media player data

cant u use another way to download it like the other ppl who releas ther games here

i think it would be awsome to have toys like a vibrator that goes on at randome moments

i have a qaustion i just finished the game till the part were every one is going to the beach and now is the new update rdy and i want to know have to update the game without playing everything from the start 

magnificent game really but i have  one question you really like biology or am i wrong ?

would love to see a update or a 2 part of the game where you can also do something with the milker

i started the game and i am at the home menu but it doesnt let me start it i mean there is no start buttonor anything like that just something with petroen 

any chance that it will get free 

any chance that it will get free for christmas?

i hope the next version has a new map like a school or something like that and that u can take of the blindfold when ur outside