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Thanks I'm glad you liked the game mechanics,First game Jam here so I'm still a newbie in what comes to zip your game, anyway now that I know that I'll try to keep an eye out for that and remember to put in the ddl,thanks for the advice

Those give you one Life up,Maybe I should have put that in the instructions now that that I think if that,I'm really glad you liked the gameplay,I wasn't really sure about it,but I need to work more hard in the art aspect of videogame making,I tried to squish as many bugs as possible but some things just skipped through, I'll try to keep an eye out for that,Overall Thank you for playing it :)

I had the chance to play the game a bit more now,the art directoin in this one is really good,i love that sound effect at the begging where the song is paused and then it starts going faster once you start to run,good submission

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Nice Game Dude, I love that ball effect